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Country United States
State Mississippi
City Jackson
Address 2275 West County Line Rd
Phone 888-319-6336

American Media Distribution Reviews

  • May 13, 2015

They sell a press pass that is completely worthless. They promise media assignments that they never deliver then they stop taking your calls. Some scam artist name Phil Williams in Florida is their hype man. He should be in prison. Howell New Jersey

American Media Distribution News is a complete rip off. They sell a media pass and promise media assignments that they never deliver. Some hype man named Phil Williams takes your credit card information then you never hear from them again. Everyone in the company should be in prison.

  • Jul 25, 2014

This guy contacted me asking for 5 minutes of my time and he will be sending me business because he represents some clients. His message read:

What I need is someone that will treat my referrals well.

We work with organizations in the area (Ex: AARP, American Legion, PTA, Medical Associations Etc.) and we introduce their private members to specific businesses that will treat them with respect and/or possibly give some discount.

We just need to know they will be treated well if we send them down to you.

I am not referring to any pay by lead advertising thing either.

It is easier to setup a 3 or 4 minute phone appointment to explain.

Let me know the best day and time to have a brief chat.

John Ward

AMD Organization Relations

[email protected]

[email protected]

888-319-6336 x707

4057 US Hwy 9 North

Howell NJ 07731

Not sure how this guy found me, but he is obviously trying to scam or sell you something based on him saying he represents associations. I called AARP they never heard of this guy. Beware!

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