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  • Jul 21, 2014

Welcome to Mensa. Mensa is free." Not for me, it isn't!

After getting my graduate degree from Brigham Young and leaving the university, I felt wanting for intellectual opportunities, so I joined Mensa, the alleged high-IQ society, and what a horrible shock I received when attending one of their gatherings, which turned out to be nothing more than a celebration of vice and sin.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the event, held at a conference hotel, was the presence of many women, from their 20's to their 70's, dressed immodestly and behaving suggestively. I have no idea what this is supposed to do with intelligence, and my suspicions were arisen almost immediately. Several of them tried to greet me, with hugs and kisses inappropriate for anything but a married couple, and with this greeting- "Welcome to Mensa. Mensa is free." What is that supposed to mean? I had to avert my eyes to avoid "wardrobe malfunctions" as this inappropriate groping was taking place. Eventually I retreated to the mens room to collect my thoughts and keep my mind pure.

As I walked around the gathering, I noticed people wearing identifying tags, with color codes and symbols, like some kind of a cult. Several people were drunk and alcoholic beverages (of which I never partake) were freely available. This is intelligence? There was card-playing going on, and some kind of board game involving sheep.

"Welcome to Mensa. Mensa is free."

Amidst all this debauchery, people stuffing their faces with pizza and alcohol, and immoral, degrading conduct, I tried asking a few people what the blazes was going on, and someone asked me if I had taken "the Vow." Vow? What vow? I had no idea what they were talking about. They sent me down a corridor, and as walked I passed rooms with closed doors and strange sounds coming from them. Some had music, some had laughter, and some had the sounds of whipping and screaming. There was one where they were chanting in some language I did not recognize. Now I am really frightened of what I had gotten myself into. At the end of the hall, people were waiting to enter this large room, and I heard some of them discussing this vow and what would happen after they took it.

Then into the room walked this heavy-set fellow with a beard, and a GOAT on a leash! I do not know what was done with that goat, and I would probably be sick if I did. I turned around and left.

"Welcome to Mensa. Mensa is free."

Yeah, free of morals, dignity, decency, and prudence. How can this possibly be a high-IQ society? I felt ripped off. From now on I am limiting my social experiences to church-centered activities. And I believe somebody needs to investigate this Mensa society, explain why there is so much sex and drinking going on, what this vow is all about, and what they're doing with goats behind closed doors.

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