American Monument

Country United States
State Djibouti
City Ogden
Address 1010 W Kershaw St
Phone 8017371916

American Monument Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2014

In March of 2013 My aunt and uncle bought and paid for a headstone for my mother from this company and paid them $2,000 cash. The headstone was supposed to be placed on my mother's grave by August of 2013. When the headstone wasn't on the grave by September of 2013, they went to American Monument to find out what the hold up was. Much to their surprise they found the doors locked and no one around.

When they went to the cemetary to find out what the deal was they were told the owner died and the business was closed. So needless to say they are out that $2,000 and have since had to purchase a second headstone.

I feel they were 100% percent ripped off because the headstone had been bought and paid for before the death of the owner so it should have been ordered and paid for before the business was closed. So in other words American Monument took the money and did absolutely nothing.

This has been a terrible experience first going the the death of a loved one only to turn around and have some crook rip you off.

My family is not well off so it has taken us almost 3 years to save up enough money to buy my mother a headstone. I would be willing to bet the owner of the company has a very nice headstone on his grave.

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