American Products Manufacturing

Country United States
State Aruba
City Canoga Park
Address PO Box 10383, Canoga Park, CA 91309
Phone (818) 883-1995

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  • Jul 23, 2014

Reading two previous reports on this site in regard to American Products should have been done before I wasted two precious hours of PDO time I could have spent with my daughter who visits us just once a year. I even changed my flight home to come to the interview at this company. I worked until midnight after a long flight home to be sure I had what I needed for the interview.

The receptionist was very pleasant and handed me a clipboard to fill out their application and then pages of ascinine questions. The fellow next to me had an interview time opf 10 a.m. and was STILL waiting for an interview.

The fellow across from me said this was his third interview and the hiring person never once looked at all the forms he was asked to bring to the interview. Since this was his third time there, he estimated he had spent a good seven hours in the interview process.

After one hour of sitting there, I got up and asked the receptionist what was going on. She apologized and left the roon. A lady came to the door and said she would take me to the test room. After completing the totally uselss tests I phoned the number she left and I thought I would now be seen by the hiring person. Nope, back to the reception area with the excuse that the hiring person "was on a conference call".

When Christine Tatum originally called me, she sounded totally stressed and told me "any" time would be good. After being in the office environment for over 20 years I knew something was wrong as when I schedule interviews I leave a minimum of ten minutes of time for "just in case" problems that could come up that would keep a candidate sitting in the lobby. Two people came in after me but when I was escorted back to the lobby after testing, they were gone. Did they get in ahead of me? I had no idea. Or, did they wait too long and leave?

Finally, after two hours an;d fifteen minutes of sitting there, someone came out and said, "sorry, the hiring person (odd, not once did anyone say her name) is caught up in something and cannot see anyone today. We will follow though in a couple days." Here it is one week later and no phone calls or emails from Christine Tatum or anyone from API. I did email her and never received a return phone call or email.

The "hiring person" needs help. If Joseph Muraco is still President of the company he needs to read these reviews and look for someone who can multi-task. Oddly enough, that was a topic of great concern in those clip-board questions. Apparently, the "hiring person" cannot multi-task. I have a job so I really did not care, but those two gentlemen needed a job desparately. At my present job I do payroll, HR, Risk Management and counseling, but personally approach each candidate with "I'll be right with you, ok?" Most people understand things come up but to leave someone there three hours, how rude is that?

There is no reason the "hiring person" should put others like the receptionist in the position of turning people away. If she is too busy to see people, at least have the common decency to come to the lobby and say so. They may make a quality product, but their hiring process stinks. Besides, the form they send out has a typo on it. So much for proof-reading.

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