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American School of Real Estate Express, LLC Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2014

I enrolled in Real Estate Express Online Course in order to sit for the California State Board Real Estate Course. My first course was CA Real Estate Principals. I read the chapter, studied all the test questions at the end of the chapters. Ten questions for 28 chapters and two 50 test question review. I made 3x5 cards with every test question and studied from the test questions. I knew every question and every answer. I briefly read all over the chapter the night before I took the exam. I did not see one single question on the test from all 300 test questions I studied from. I failed with a 56%. I wrote to the advisor, Bill, and he informed me not to study the test questions or I would fail. His answer to me was they want you to know how the mechanics of real estate works and not just pass the test through questions. HUH? OK, so I waited my 3 weeks before I could retake it again. I bought a RE Principals workbook from my local used bookstore to have, since it's an open book test. You cannot use their course as an open book test. It will not allow you to go back to look up information or be signed on in two different locations. As I thought I could use my IPad for open book part and my computer for the test. NOPE, cannot do! I reread the chapters and took the exam. I did however, recongize 50% of the test questions the second time, thank heavens! I passed but barely. Now I take the Real Estate Finance Course. I read the chapters and took the test questions at the end of each chapter over and over until I could pass each one. I took the end of the course practice test over until I could pass each one. I take the exam and Fail, 56%. I recognized probably 10% of the questions from the practice tests. I have to wait another 3 weeks! I reread the chapters, I didn't bother making 3x5 cards this time, it was a lot of work and most of the questions were not even on the test. I did however, take all the practice tests until I passed. The days before, I read the chapters entirely again. I make notes as I am reading it over this time, trying to retain information is not so easy for me. I am however, excellent at memorizing questions and answers. I was nervous about this test. I feel well rested and begin the test, ugh! About 10% of the questions on this exam I had seen before. I fail with a 58%. Now I must repay, if I want to redo this course. You would think I could pass a test with memorization of over 600 test questions that was given to me. Maybe teaching has changed? Maybe this is commoncore? I had taken the CA State Board test in the 80's and passed it first try and was the first one finished. I changed career fields in 1999 and I never thought I would sell RE again and let it expire. I passed the CA X-ray Technician Exam on the first try.

This course need to focus on teaching their pupils what they need to know to pass the State Exam. Isn't that why we enroll? They need to (zero in) on the information needed to pass their own exam. How does one study, if only 10% of the sample test questions are on the exam? Between all three course I had paid for, it's over 1,000 pages of material. Perhaps some can memorize 1,000 pages but I cannot.

I wrote to 'Bill' this evening. I told him, I had NO desire to retake any exam they are involved in. I told him, I don't know How Anyone Passes Their Classes! You have to provide study material relevant to what will be required to pass their classes!

FYI - if you fail their class the second time, you must reenroll and pay Another Fee! That says a lot about this course.

This course get a, F. . .

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