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  • Jul 10, 2014

On March 6th, 2014, I was emailed a career from America Staffing Company, in which an individual by the name of Matt Vatter hired me as an employee (work from home job). I signed a contract, sent a picture ID of my drivers license to begin the job. I was told that I would have to open an account at a bank in which the company had access too. So I open an account and emailed my account information for direct deposit as instructed by Mr. Vatter. After a week Mr. Vatter, email me stating he had received all the information and email me a online test for human resources from his company. I pass the test and was emailed the information on how to recruit employees on their system through Career I never received any payments that was stated in the contract of $900.00 for three weeks of training and $1300.00 after my training, and during the fourth week I would receive $1300.00 every Friday after I received the equipment from their company. The company would pay $5, 252.00 deposited into my account. Mr. Vatter emailed and stated that they had financial difficulties and there was a delay in the payment process. It was until May 7th, 2014 when he emailed me and stated that a deposit of $5,252.00 had been sent to my account. It was deposited as he stated, but it was a check from the IRS in someone else name. I contact my bank in question and they are investigating the moneys, because it seened as if the moneys was not the companies and was deposited into my bank account directly from Astaffing Company. I received a call from my bank on May 19th, 2014 stating that America Staffing deposited someone else money into my account and to keep the bank safe from fault; they was going to cancel my account as well. What worries me now is that they have my driver license photo ID and I am afraid they may use it for other wrongful purposes. What should I do?

  • Sep 30, 2014


First let me say that I am Chief of Police Joe Matas with the City of Honey Grove, Texas. My contact number is 903) 378-2222. I have received 6 cases of IRS fraudulent returns reported to my Department in March and April of this year. All were efiled on 2/18/14 and not by the person whose information was stolen then used to defraud the IRS of these returns. My investigation has so far, led me to see that this fraudulent company is scouring the employment web sights to find anyone who they can scam into believing they are seeking an (victim) employee to work for their company. Since there is no phone number for the company contact and all correspondence is by email or text messages and is very difficult to trace anyone involved. These crooks, in their elaborate scams leave the victim as the last trail to follow. They use phones to use internet the services to contact their victim which makes it more difficult to trace. All trails usually "DRT" because of the lack of, or fraudulent infomation used to obtain these services. Some of these services actually make it difficult for law enforcement agencies just trying to locate the end provider in a timely manner. I just want to say here that anyone who has fallen victim to this company, please call me at the listed number. I would like to see if you can provide me with ANY new information regarding this company. I believe these are foreign crooks involved just by where they ask for the monies to be wired

  • May 15, 2014

I too have experienced the same situation as others have as reported here. My last communication with Matt Vatter was 4/3 where he stated: 'I am sorry to keep waiting. We try to solve temporary problems with our financial instituition. All transfers are delayed. And I expect to have more clear information on Saturday. We are interested in stable business relationship. And I know we will solve our problems. Thank you for your patience an understanding. Matt Vatter'

I wanted to give some advise to all reporting this company. First, pull your credit report. I am not sure what they can gain by having our drivers license number for they do not have socials.

Second, contact both the Attorney Generals office in Texas as well as the Federal Trade Commission. This company is not registered with BBB, which not all companies have to be.

Also, the address that was given appears to be an office suite with other businesses located there. I am going to call one of those businesses to see if they are in fact located there.

I hope these tips help. I too believed that this company seemed legit.

  • May 8, 2014

I had the same experience as others have reported here. Matt Vatter also sent the same scripted emails to me. What gave them away as a fraudulent company are the team photos that were on the website before they changed them to update their old website

I was checking on the company's website on April 9th and noticed that an error message pops out every time I clicked on any of the links at the bottom of the website. The error message said 404 - Article not found. Inside the box, it said ""Please try one of the following pages:"" and below there was a link for Home Page.

I clicked on the link and it brought me to another American Staffing Company website When I clicked on the link ""Our team"" I saw that the photos were totally different. Same names for Adam McGid, Scott Harris and Matt Vatter were used, but each had different photos. See Matt's photo attached.

  • Apr 18, 2014

I have the same experience as those already mentioned. I was contacted by email 2/13/2014 by Scott Harris who stated that he saw my resume on CareerBuilder, telling me about this opening they have for a Staff Coordinator and to reply if I was interested. I sent the reply that I was interested and would like to know more about the position. I was then contacted through email by Matt Vatter, Chief Human Resources Officer To fill out application and interview questionaire. After this we continued to e-mail (as this was the only point of contact), requesting my identifcation, picture, bank account info. All along I had this niggling in the back of my mind, but I continued along having dealt with recruiters before in other locations. I completed the 3-week training, at which time I was suppose to receive payment of $900 for each week, along with the $5550 for equipment which was to be direct deposited into my account. It's a week over-due and Matt sent me an email stating"" We have some problems with our current bank because all direct deposits are delayed and we keep waiting for our partners, employees. Our company assets will be moved to another bank this week. And your salary payments and the funds for the equipment will be sent from our new account on Friday or Saturday.

I am very sorry to keep you waiting. I promise you will get a bonus for your patience. And of course all your training weeks will be paid.

Just I ask you for patience. I hope to see your response soon

Kind regards, Matt Vatter.

This was dated March 27, 2014

I have decided to move on, but this 6-weeks really recked my plans, as well as bill payments. I don't really know what this is all about.

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