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Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Mississauga
Address 5900 Avebury Rd
Phone 19059494800

American Standard Canada Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2014

I purchased an American Standard "Clean" toilet from Lowes, which came with its own special toilet seat which snaps off for easy cleaning. The seat came with its own custom bracket (plastic). After just a few months the seat became very loose but there was no way to tighten because the plastic brackets snapped. It was a designb flaw.

I contacted American Standard asking for instructions on how to tighten. They asked me for the model number of muy seat...who the heck knows the model number of their toilet seat ??!...but they didn;t make any suggestions to me about where to find the model number or didn't ask and questions to help narrow down the issue. It took them 3 days to reply to my first email. I emailed againg trying to figure out what model. They didn't bother to reply at all this time. I e-maild a 4th time with the EXACT model number of the toilet seat which I had finally found from a complaint e-mail I had sent them when I firtst installed the seat.Again NO REPLY. I was so frustrated by this time I sent an "angry e-mail" to the customer service rep.....I got an automated reply saying she was on vacation. Still I had a wonky toilet seat and it was 3 weeks of trying to get AS to help. I tried calling their customer service line only to get an automated message that they only took calles Mon - Fri 8-4. What company in this day and age only has mon-Fri customer service?? add insult to injury their phone system hangs up on you if you are calling out of these times, I couldn't even leave a phone messager. I took my lunch one day and called them. I got a snobby agent who simply said she would mail a new bracket, no apologieds, no exlination.

The brackets arrived by mail. I was sent the instrucitons by e-mail. There were NO instrucitons on how to remove the old brackets. I figured out how to get the old brackets out myself. When I read the new instructions closer.......they had sent me the oinstrucitons for the old bracket style and not the new style at all !! and there were extra parts, and the new brackets didn;t even solve the problem. I had to undo all the work, re-install the old broken brackets so I could at least have a seat attached on one side...and there the problem remains.

I'm fed up with AS. I don't want to deal with them again. Their Canadian Customer Service Department SUCKS !!! They all need to be fired and AS needs to re-evaluate how they treat their customers as a whole.


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