American Standard

Country United States
State American Samoa

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  • Jul 23, 2014

I was searching Craig's List for an apartment in Atlanta. This was quite an appealing ad at first glance. There is no company name on any of the listings. I thought that odd? So I googled the phone number and still came up with nothing. I called after 11 pm Eastern Time hoping to catch a recording, but apparently they conduct business at this hour. I informed the rep who answered the phone that I saw multiple listings online but I can't find the company name. He clipped that there were thousands of listings and it would be impossible t list them all. Hmmmm.... so I inquired of the company name again and replied that I wanted to do further research and would call back. He was hesitant to give me the information and said it so fast that all I caught was American Standard, and he was none too happy to repeat it. I should have had a heads up when the representative unprofessionally initiated the call without stating the company name or his name. A legitimate company would have a policy in place to greet the potential customer, thank them for calling Named Company, and ask how Named Company could be of service to the customer. I just had a bad feeling about them.

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