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American Standard Online Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2015

American standard online is a scam i sent out 45 letter to some so calld homeowners but they never responded they told me i can get a refund before i signed up but they didnt tell me it will take 3 months to get my refund, so once my 3 months was it i wanted my refund they said i had to send n a letter sayn why i want it and 5 homeowners had to send in a denial letter or u can get it frm da homeowners n send it ur self but how can get get a denial letter if u cant even get n touch wit da homeowners ITS A SCAM WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR THEM TO GIVE ME MY MONEY BCK BECUS U WILL NEVER GET. IN TOUCH WIT A HOMEOWNER N IT HAS TO BE ONE DAT THEY REQUESTED FOR U N THEY HAVE TO SIGN THEY LETTER ALSO!!! GETTT DA F*** OUT OF HER THEY GOT ME THIS TIME BUT WANT GET ME NO MORE DNT DO IT YALL N UNDER THEIR REVIEWS ITS ALL GOOD COMMENTS BUT GUESS WAT I BET U CANT POST A COMMENT NOW WHY IS DAT!!! ALL THEY COMMENTS CAME FRM THEMSELVES

  • May 11, 2015

This company is crooked no matter what angle you look at them. They are polite until you ask them a single question to verify their legitimacy (such as where they are located for verification purposes, or askihg them to verify a location of the ad they themselves posted). The only response they know to deal with investigative customers is to yell at them and hang up on them. They have a P.T. Barnum business model of a sucker born every minute. They do not care about repeat business.

Here's what they do. They advertise an interesting deal for a home. You call, they tell you that you they have worked out deals with banks and property owners to help people get into rent to own homes. They use the words, "No credit check" to give the illusion that they actually get rent to own property for you without a credit check. What they do in reality is get you a list (at a $199.00 fee) of foreclosures and pre-foreclosures and in acquiring that list is what they don't do a credit check on.

The list they provide is nothing but false information. The houses on the list are not foreclosure properties in any way.

They also lead you to believe that they will broker the deal to get a rent to own home and they give you a list of "tools" that they recommend to help you broker the deal on your own. The tools are actually only one tool: a very industrious letter that they suggest you mail out to addresses telling the property owner that you can help with their foreclosure and to contact another number on your behalf. They are very adamant that you mail the letter and not to call or show up in person at the property.

This is so when the property owner receives this letter and questions what the heck is going on, they'll call the number on the letter, not you. When they call this number, someone tries to convince them to sell their home. This way, the buyer thinks the home was a foreclosure. What's really happening is this company uses its customers to act as it unpaid sales force of home purchasing location and they pretend they're doing all the work.

Make no mistake, this company is filthy, dirty. They use their length of being in business for a decade to show their legitimacy. So? Circuses, amusement parks, carnivals and all sorts of companies that use "sucker" approaches to taking people for their money have been around for more than a century. All a timeline does is verify they're successful scammers.

When you call on an ad, they will give you a local number. This number works through the weekend and is intended to make sales. Their Website and the sales staff provide a customer service number, what they carefully withhold from you is that you must purchase their list to be able to use that customer service number. Think about that, you have to pay to contact their customer service department.

After learning I had been misled by Sarah (my representative), after learning that the product she said I would receive was not the product I actually received, I called for a refund. I spoke with Dave, Tyler, Brad, Bridgette and Olivia. All hung up on me within two questions of asking for a refund, for a supervisor, or for location and company legitimacy verifications. They did not even try to hide their attitude towards their unethical behavior. I say unethical, because they have learned every angle to make what they do legal and they know technically, no one can touch them. Brad, my favorite representative, was very proud of the fact that he knew it wasn't illegal to hang up on a customer. Dave claimed he didn't have to be a lawyer, but spouted law. Olivia opened her conversations with yelling.

You cannot win arguments speaking to these people. They know you won't catch them. Tyler was nice enough to let me know this when I said I would send the authorities to his office if they didn't offer a solution to my probem after fraudulently presenting their services. His response was "Yeah, and good luck with that."

I have seen posts in complaint forums from people claiming to be American Standard employees who skirt the argument. Read these carefully, these demonstrate their ignorant attitude towards business ethics and understanding. One person claimed that the company can't be responsible for what a representative says (actually, you are and legally they do bind you to promises they make, pretending they don't doesn't excuse you). They also try to claim that their agents will say anything for commission. Again this shows they lack the understanding and respect for promise of product.

I encourage everyone who has ever done business with this company to bombard the California DA and Amercan Standard phone lines with complaints until they are forced to comply with fair business practices.

For anyone interested, I will be more than happy to contribute to a class action lawsuit against this organization. They need to face consequences for their lack of judgment and poor business practices.

  • Apr 29, 2015

Do not give any money to this place they claim to give it back if unhappy AFTER 90 days.. i now have to spend more money in hopes someone send me denial papers 5 of them.. are you serious right now.. i dont see my family ever getting it back

  • Feb 9, 2015

I feel like a complete moron. I usually research pretty good before spending money on anything but, my husband and I are looking for a place to live and fell in love with a house listed on craigslist as rent to own. It was the perfect 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house even though the location wasn't an area we would typically live. So we called the number and talked to a representative who made this all sound easy and simple and like a good investment.

We spent the $199 service fee and got our access to their site only to find that the house we loved so much wasn't even listed on the site. There were a few that were close as far as bedrooms and bathrooms but, not what we were looking at. Not only that but then I started looking at other houses which didn't even have all of the information you would need to figure out how much you would be paying each month.

They do not give you pictures of the houses instead they give you an "approximate" address and a google map and you have to look at the map to get an outside view of the house but not even one single picture of the inside and on the craigslist ads they only post inside the house pictures so you do not know what the outside looks like. This company is a complete scam and I know I will probably never see my money again just from the research I have done after spending the money on thie "program". Also I do not like the idea of knocking on random strangers doors and trying to convince them to sell it sounds underhanded and cruel to find people struggling with finances and then trying to buy the house out from under them.

I thought this was supposed to be foreclosed homes for rent to own but, now I know the truth I wasted $199 on this and I feel cheated and feel like the world's biggest idiot. Hope this report helps other people not fall into the same scam.

  • Jan 20, 2015

The company lie to me, and wont give me my money back I have been calling every week and there is no any solution so I call my bank and told them everything, my bank put the money back and are working on the Case to investigate the company if its a scam.. but yes big time this Online service americanstandradonline service is a scam and I would like to tell everyone to be very carful..

  • Jan 15, 2015

As part of my assistance to a low-income family member in her move from AZ to N.C., I paid for a rent-to-own program in N.C. she found onone - She had talked to their agent, Jessica, and told Jessica I would call her with my card # for the $199 payment. She and I understood it to be a 3 month program to find and have their assistance in renting to own. We both understood the time period covered. Neither of us heard or understodd that "No refund would be given" (no matter WHAT the circumstances) until the end of that time period. I called Jessica's #, left a message, & some time later she returned the call & I gave her my card info. I had just received a new debit card & had not used it at all when I gave her the #. I verified with her that theirs was a 3 month program, she said she would send a link to rent-to-own information. When it came through, I noticed the link was to a different company name, and that on the link, 7 days of FREE access to rent-to-own homes were advertised. I was not especially concerned as I had paid for a 3 month program. The charge cleared the bank the next day under a strange business name - "MDSQ" - but with the $199 amount & the fact I had not used that card for any other purchase, I knew that's what it was for. However, shortly after that my family member determined that she wold not be moving to N.C. in the near future after all. I pulled up the bank statement (which was accompanied by a phone #) to call and get a refund. The phone # proved to be disconnected I emailed the site, requesting a refund as the move was not going to take place.

No response came, but more concerning, although STILL not having given my new debit card information to anyone else, suddenly my bank tatement shoed several charges to prisoner organizations - 2 charges of $52.88 and $53.03 by Access Inmate (a company that ships pkgs to prisoners);, and 2 charges of $10 and $62.33 by IC Solutions - a company that allows prisoners to have prepaid phone calls to specific numbers. With no-one else having access to my card, it could only have been "Jessica" or someone from her company that used the card for these charges. I called both compani8es. Access Inmate ased if I knew a "Julian" in a California prison, and I assured them I did not. They were able to stop the 2 pkgs & give an immediate refund. IC solutions told me the $10 charge had been used, but the $62.33 was "still on the prisoner's account, that they would dissallow the # and give a refund for that amount." They said I should meanwhile dispute the $10, which I did through my credit union. I then attempted to reach someone in acctg at, and after about a 45 minute wait, reached "Nancy," who advised me NO REFUNDS were given until after 3 months. I was awe-truck! "Even when the person is no longer moving and needing the service?" I asked. After considerable argumenton the unfirness of their policy, she finally agreed they would refund $179.10 - with the remainder being a fee the company would keep - but It could take "up to a month" for the refund - although it usually didn't ake that long!" It wasn't until I hung up, thoroughly disgusted, that I realized I ha not addressed the charges to the prison businesses that HAD to have been done by her agent or company.

I sent them at least 2 or 3 e-mails charging them with scamming and being ripoff artists, and also faxed the California Attorney General. Two days less than a month afterwards, they refunded me - NOT the promised $179.10, but only $150! I e-mailed asking about the rest with no response. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS, LIARS, AND RIP-OFF ARTISTS & NEED TO BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. i still have not heard from the CA Attorney General.

  • Nov 18, 2014

This company is using a bandwidth number to scam a $200.00 payment from credit and debit cards posing as a rental agency in Fort Collins Colorado and their number doesn't register with the BBB because they have all calls rerouted to a California call center.

  • Nov 13, 2014

I saw the add for American Standard Online on craigslist and responded with a phone call and they made it seem ligit and they would help me get a house. They asked for my information and I gave them my debit card number and then I couldnt find a place that I wanted because of where my kids go to school and I have to stay in the area. I called them and told them I would like a refund and they said that I have to wait until November 17th to get refund and then told me that they would update the system because there was plenty of houses in the area. Well when I went back onto the site to look at the update there were none.

I just want them to give me my money back.

  • Sep 5, 2014

They will try to sell you a service which will allow you to purchase or lease to own distressed homes. All sounds great on the phone. Once you pay and gain access to the listings in your area, you'll quickly realize that the listings available are of homes that have been foreclosed and sold years ago. No information is available other than public information about foreclosures. They advise you to use the address of homes of interest and try to contact the owner by mail. You are completely on your own to try to negotiate a deal. However, the properties are no longer in foreclosure. It's all a big scam. I tried to get a refund but they insist that you must wait at least 90 days from the time of purchase before you can request a refund. Horrible customer service.

  • Aug 20, 2014

Its a scam and a waste of time.

  • Jul 26, 2014

American Standard is a rip off! Icalled the number from a Craigs List ad. When I got a salesman on the phone and he asked wht locations I was interested in buying. I told him and he stated we have lots of properties in that area. he let me see the file of houses and they all looked to be in good locations. So I signed up.

When I got my login and password from AS I went in to see what properties I wanted to make offers on. What I saw was something TOTALLY different from what I had been led to believe I was getting. There was a list of properties - to send "I want to buy your house" letters to. They don't own or have a contract on ANYTHING. It was just a list with nice pictures. I question now if they were even pictures of the actual houses. None of the pictures ever showed the outside of a house only the inside. I can get a list of Lis Pendens homes from the courthouse online for free. And there list is nothing more than that.

Then as part of their refund policy you need to have copies of five rejection letters and wait 90 days. So in other words they want you to send out letters to people in foreclosure with AS letterhead and if they sell they want to charge you a "transfer fee" $500 for every $100,000 of value. Excuse me! I'm doing the work here why should I pay you for that? And on some of the houses the "transfer fee" wasn't $500 per $100,000 but $10,000 per $100,000. I called back to my salesperson and he gave me some lame excuse about it must be a posting error. By that time I knew I had been had.

Since I use Craigs List a lot in my business I started going to other Craigs List ads in other areas. AS was using local telephone numbers but when you called them you got the same recording I got the first time. So I flagged everyone of their ads in three areas. But I'm sure there's a lot more I didn't get to. Then I called teh credit card company to dispute the charge. These people need to be out of business! They are a total rip-off taking money from people who do not understand the real estate market and wouldn't be able to recognize them for what they really are.

  • Jul 26, 2014

American Standard Online I first contacted this company on January 12, 2014 from a hotel because my apartment building was destroyed by fire on December 27th. I saw an ad on Craig's list for apts and single family homes for rent at very affordable prices. I called AS and spoke to the customer service rep named Joyce who assured me that the company had a list of rentals that they would send me and they would assist me through the process. I called her twice to confirm that the company is legitimate and would help me. I signed up and sent several emails requesting information on listings on Craigslist. I NEVER received a response on any of the listings and I had to find a place to live quickly. So on my own I found a place not through or affiliated with AS. I submitted several cancellation requests with no response not even to confirm that they had received my email request. I called them in March and was told I had to wait 90 days from the day I signed up to request a cancellation. I sent a written request on April 12 and sent it certified mail according to the tracking number it was received on by AS on April 30th - when I called on April 7th I was told they had not received it yet and was reminded that they had up to 30 days to send the refund and that it would be sent requiring my signature. I called to day and was told the letter was incomplete because I had not provided proof that I had used the service in the way of three denials. This was the first I had heard of this so the customer service rep put a manager on the phone who proceeded to tell me that it is written in their terms that you have to prove you used the service. The original customer service rep did not mention anything about denials etc. So, I'm out of $200.00 and there's nothing I can do about it! I'm writing everyone I can think of because this company is definitely a scam. I tried to log in to my account to read the terms and I have been locked out of the system/ Montecito, California Montecito, California

  • Jul 25, 2014

I heard about this service on the radio, "call for a listing of foreclosed homes in your area" I happen to be looking into rent to own homes at the time so it seemed like it was calling out to me. I called the number on the ad and spoke with a very nice lady, I told her I had just heard the ad on the radio and was calling to get more info, she explained they have lisitings for all areas and which areas was I interested in, I told her and he said oh yes I see we have several listings in Hooksett & Manchester, she said they could also customize my search based on schools, pets, hospitals etc. She said the listing was $200 but if I did not find a home in 90 days they would fully refund my money. I specifically asked all I have to do is wait the 90 days and if I don't have any luck I would refunded. She said they have a website that I can access all listings on and I would have to call to create a custom search but that it would then be viewable on the website. I agreed and made the payment over the phone with the sales rep. She then emailed the the link to their website and my username and password.

I utilized their services, searched for homes, had custom searches created (which was not as simple as I was told it would be) I finally had a couple homes i was interested in and wanted to go look at them, I realized I had no idea how to do this, I called customer service and they explained there is a template letter on the website I just had to print and sign and send to the home owner who is still residing in the home and await a response. I was VERY uncomfortable with this, I was not told I would have to do this and I don't like this process. I was then told it was the only way to see the homes and it was the only way to receive my refund as well (this was the first I am hearing of this) I disagreed but did send out 8 letters to homes owners of the website. Weeks later when I had received NO responses to any of the letters I sent and my general dissatifation for the service in general I decieded to cancel the service. I mailed a certified letter to American Standard stating my 90 days had past and based on my experience and the lack of response from the letters I sent I would like my moneies refunded.

Almost a month later, I called to inquire about my refund and was told they had received my request but it was denied because I did not inclued 5 denial letters. I explained that I had not received a single response denial or otherwise and that was part of the reason I was cancelling. He then told me it is part of their terms & conditions, I cliked I accept so until I send in the denial letters no refund would be issued. I tried to explain that I did not go on the website until after my payment was received, I was told everything or so I thought by the sale rep that took my call/payment. I told him I would be willing to take a partial refund since I used their services but I did not agree with them keeping the full $200.00 as I was mislead at the sale point.

He told me those are the terms and he hung up. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone!!!! RIP OFF.

  • Jul 25, 2014

This company putting their advertizement on craigslist, something like"This is a very nice 3 bed 2 bath big house in Huntingdon Valley for 650 a month. Don't miss on the chance to have your dream home., clean carpet.

If this sounds like the place for you call 267-482-0049.

Take over payments. Rent to own. Bad credit ok."

When you first, they asking you to pay $200 to be able to access their webside and to see the listings. The listings are outdated, most of the properties are sold already, some of the listings that they have are not even in forecloser, the owners of the houses don't even know that their properties are on this companie's website. In order for you to get your money back, you need to do so many paper work and get 5 deniel letters from the home owners, which is imposible. Rip OFF, STAY AWAY FROM THEM, DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU!!!!

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  • Jul 24, 2014

Found this company based on a craigslist advertisement. Company advertised that you can own your own home with no money down.

Program was described via telephone as assumable mortgages. I was told that the current mortgage lender would be verifying income. Mortgages cannot be assumable.

When calling customer support after signing up and paying for the program, they had little knowledge of their own program or how it was supposed to work. Directed me to the website with no real answers, after I had waited on hold for 45 minutes just to speak with them.

On the initial phone call, I was told that I could ask for a refund within 90 days if I was not satisfied. Today, I called and asked for such refund. Apparently, you can only refund your money after 90 days within the first year. This is stated in the terms and conditions. My mistake for not reading them fully and putting trust in what their representative had said was correct.

My real issue is this company offers nothing for the fee they charge. The list of properties has no real search criteria other than location. They offer no real service. One of the clients they had on the list of pre-foreclosures had never missed a mortgage payment!

The customer service is not helpful at all. After again waiting for 45 minutes to speak to a representative (I was only number 8 in line when the call began), I was greeted with no real solution or answers to my questions. I was transferred to a manager, who was unprofessional and rude. Did not answer the questions I had about their policy's or their program. I thought at one point he was going to hang up on me. He actually said "I am not trying to have a conversation with you".

Don't waste money on this apparent scam. Lists of homes in foreclosure can easily be obtained from a realtor or other source for little or no cost.

  • Jul 14, 2014

My lease is up in a month. I was on Craigslist. I thought it would be a great opportunity. Now I have to contact my bank & report fraud. Bumber! Leave those idiots alone. Anything good should not be presented in the way they have. They almost ruined my day. I call & call they pretend they can't hear me, hear my voice hang up, tell me all types of excuses & hang up. Why? Who does that. I have been calm & respectful. I just wanted answers. Now I just want my money. I will get my money.

  • Jun 28, 2014

American Standard Online sells their subscription as refundable if not satisfied and indicate in the sales offers that refund is easy and forthcoming. They do not indicate at the time of the sales pitch the level of action required. Nor is it disclosed that there is a service fee for the refund actions.

American Standard Online website suggests they offer many different distressed properties available. In multiple areas in which I searched only pre-forclosure properties are offered. The company requires the subscriber to send multiple letters to the distressed owners asking them to sell their home at a steep discount.

The $200 subscription fee is poor value. This is a ripoff.

  • Jun 23, 2014

This is refundable. I bought the membership and recieved a user ID and Passwords. I logged into the site and found few Pre-Forclouser listings. I made up ten listings. I went to every single property and spoke with the owners. Every owner was shocked by this SCAM. None of the property were for sale or even for Pre-Forclosure. I was so shocked. Well, I called them back and requested full refund. The agent said you have to wait 90 days. After 90 days, I made a written request. The denied my refund. They said I have to get five denial letters from the home owners who do not want me to take over their mortgage. JUST TO LET PEOPLE KNOW. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. THEY ARE SCAM.

On the 28th day of July, 2013. I called up the customer service number and explained to an agent on the phone that I just moved from Seattle, Washington to Long Beach California. I am looking for a rental property. The agent said yes we are an experienced realtor we will find you a home within a week. But, you have to buy our membership which will be $200 and it will be refundable if you cant find any property within a week.

Well, I signed up and they sent me a user Id and passwords. I logged into my account and found few listinsg in my neighbourhood. I selected 10 properties and went to see and meet every single owner of those 10 selected properties. Guess What? Every owner of the property was shocked that somebody has listed their home as forclosed and short sale. After that I figured there is something not right. I called the Americanstandardonline back and requested my refund. They said you have to wait 90 days to receive your refund. After ninty days past as you can see my letter of refund request shown below.

They denied me, and asked me to go to 5 home owners and asked them to sign on a letter with the statement that they(Home Owners) do not want me to take over their current mortgage. Well, I am just raising a red flag for the people that be careful from this company. They are SCAM. They are FRAUD. Just be aware of that. I lost $200 but I will save many people to become a victim of this scam


With this letter, I hereby submit my full refund request on the 90th day of membership, as stated per the company’s “Refund and Cancellation Policy”.

Purposely, I had never intended to open such membership. I was just looking for an apartment but thought so that rent to own possibility would work. Unfortunately, due to major financial hardships in my life, this would not have worked out for me at all. Therefore, I decided to cancel the membership within the 24 hours of period since the signing up July 30th, 2013, 10:16 AM. Per the company’s rule of refund and cancellation must be done upon the completion of 90 days or after. I was unable to cancel it then. Your help will be greatly appreciated in resolving this matter as soon as possible.


  • May 9, 2014

I just had a baby and am looking for a home for me and my family. I come across these ads rent-to-own homes, forcloserd homes, bad credit ok. I call to get more information, the rep Michael Mac he claimed his name was told me for $199nhe would send me a list of home owners and I can contact them to schedule showings. Once I got onto the website and seen no contact numbers and no pics I called to cancel right away, this was definitly not what i was looking for. I was told I couldnt get my money back and I had to use this service. I stated I wanted to speak with supervisor because I didnt want the service or to look at the list, the transaction was made less then 24hrs ago and I wanted a refund. This Michael Mac guy gets back on the phone pretending he was the supervisor and once I caught him in a lie he hung up and stopped answering my phone calls... This man is a scam artist peying on others hard earned money instead of getting off his lazy ass an going out to make his own. Me and my husband work very hard to make our money but its ok its only $199 he obviously need it more then us. Just want to warn those who are less fortunate and need there money BEWARE OF THIS SITE AMERICANSTANDARDONLINE an this number 877-395-1296... HE IS A SCAMMER, A LIAR, AND A THEIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apr 17, 2014

I signed up with American Standard Online - a company I found while looking for properties to rent in the Tampa Bay Area. The advertisement promised rent-to-own listings of pre foreclosed or foreclosed houses that I could buy at really great prices and also help the homeowner by taking over the payments and preventing them from getting their credit ruined - sounded like a win win to me. I called the local # listed on the add and a gentleman by the name of Tod Hale instructed me that this was a super easy process, just pay $199 for the subscription to the site - look for the house and once I find it I can just set up the appointments to go see them - well, these people only tell you half the truth, he didnt tell me that in order to get into the property I have to contact the home owner via letter - also, what they dont tell you is that the listings are very old, some of these properties have been foreclosed for years, the listings are from 2009, 2010 etc... nothing current. The ""best"" part of the deal was that if within 3 months I didnt find a property all I had to do was cancel my account and get my refund... well, nothing is quite so easy. The other part they dont tell you is that you need 5 denial letters from the homeowners you have contacted - well, since the properties are not for sale, of course it is nearly impossible to get a so called denial letter, and this company obviously knows this, and is scamming people left and right - I have contacted their customer service dept twice (last time I spoke to Brandon (employee # 2420) and both times I have been treated with the outmost disrespect, I was in fact told to stop talking and a particular employee told me that all I was doing was speculating and that it was my problem/fault if I didn’t read all their terms and conditions - well, they are not up front with people, and when you ask the questions they don’t give you the answers… the employees are nothing but rude and of course have nothing to say once you start asking real questions.

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