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  • Apr 8, 2015

I wish I had read these report before dealing with National Truck,I would have never picked up the phone

I started in discusions with them in Febuary or 2014. I went to them because my credit was not good due to what the people I was driving for had done to me and because the adds in the truck papaer make this sound so good. My sales person and I had talked several times on Monday and Tuesday . I asked about trucks they show online and in the truck papaer. I was told none were avalible except one that they really didnt expect me to ask about as the millage was listed at over a million miles but it was only a 2009 so I asked to have the EMC read. A few hours later she called and said good call Mr Quinn it only shows 514000 on the EMC so it must have had work dne on the dash before.

I said thats the one I want and went to the bank to transfer the money. The down payment since they didnt know what they had was only 3995.

00 so I sent 4K . You have to pay another 1500 in cost for plate ,insurance ,2290 and paperwork on top of the down payment. Wensday mrn I got the call that they had got it and I booked my flight to Gulfport to leave Thursday afternoon. That morning I get a call that that truck was no longer avalible as someone already put money down onit before me ( how did that happen ?) but she had another for me to lok at that was just a little more money. So I get there Friday Morn and I am shown a Pete that I dont really want but I say ok I will take it only because I am told I can trade if off for another if I really dont want it once they get some more in.

Now I sit around the rest of the day and while i am there I get to talk to others who are going through the same run around and a few who have brought their trucks back because they dont run right. At 2 pm I am told that truck is no longer avalible due to it had not been checked out yet and needs things. Then I am shown a 2010 Pete 387. I said i was not interested in that one as it was an automatic but they said drive it and see what you think. I did but still didnt really want it so they let me stew a while longer. Now it is getting late and I need a truck and to get going. She comes and asks what it the max I can put down , I say 6K but I would need a little help on the fue to get it home. She says that wont be a problem and will get it worked out.

An hour later she come back to say the sales manager wont go for it as I need over 6,600 on it. So I start heading for the door ( should have kept going) She runs after me and say she can get it worked out through the owner ,just need to get the paperwor ready. Now I am rushed through all the paperwork as it is about 5pm time to go home. I do the paper work that I am not happy about but I am now between a rock and a hard place since I put everything i have and then some into getting this truck. I get in and see there is NO fuel so I head back in but guess what no one is around and everything is locked but I need to get it back to PA ASAP so I leave. I get 220 mile from home and run out of fuel. For two day I sat in 4 degree weather until my sister could send some money all the while trying to call National. I got home and spemt the next 10 days in the hospital extremly sick.

So I finaly get it sign on and get to trucking. I get a week in and have an accident, it look pretty bad that night but a couple days later when I had someone look at it it was not to bad at all. They still sent someone to tow it back to Guldfport ( should have know something was up then) After many calls I was told I would be getting it back soon so I waited a couple day. I called again and was told it was in the shop I waited a few days and called again . This is where I get screwed, I was told the owner and manager are calling this abuse of property and eveything is canceled , I wont be getting the truck back or any refund. I siad how do they take it as abuse when I was not chaged with anything at all. No unsecure load, no reckless driving, no speeding ,not in a ticket for wrcking a commercial Veh. I sorry that just wabt they siad. I ent several email trying to plead my case as like I said I put everything I had into this. Now I have no truck ,no money ,no job and I will lose the rest of what I own in a few weeks.

They have signs all over down there saying they are here to help you and make sucess but dont believe any of this. The first part of this tale is clearly a BAit and Switch tactic . The second is clearly them useing any excuse to cancle the agreement to get the truck back and do it all over again to another fool.

If you do go to National and they try to put you in a red 387 send me the VIN and I will tell you if it is the same truck as it had other problems like a pluged DEF filter and was not even serviced and tehy tell you everything is fixed before you leave. If you talk to someone on the phone down there record it or make them send to things in writing. If you dont have 8 to 10 K dont even waste your time. My story is typical of what happens when you go there and this is a company that need to go out of Buisness. I would be happy to join any law suite against this company as they shatter you ideas and plans and any hope you have of being an owner Operator . AGAIN STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AT ALL COST.

  • Aug 30, 2014

I purchgased a truck through amercian truck group which was a 210 petedrbuilt 387 on there lease to own program and have had nothing but problems wuith the truck after being told that the truck was in excellent condition. i have spent $28,000 in repairs in 8 months

i then had an accident avoiding 2 drunken drivers who swerved in front of me. i was told after jumping through many hoops that i was covered and only had a $1000 deductable. i was going to purchase another from from them while my truck was being repaired. it took them 7 weeks to go pick nup my truck as they decided that they were going to rerpair the truck them selves as i was promised that i would not have a truck paymnet on the truck if i came current on my truck.

i came current and sent then the down payment for next truck but was then tolds that in order to be approved i had to get my own insurance. i couldnt afford insurance for the company i was going to lease so i left my down payment with them and am working my plan b to raise my down payment for insurance.

was then told today 2 weeks after i couldnt get the 2nd truck that they did not have a copy of the accident report which i had alreadt sent to them. 15 minutes aftwer i sent the accident rep[ort to them it was decided that they were going to take my truck from me due to my intentional cuase of wreaking my truck!

  • Jul 31, 2014

I Charles M Poree Sr was misinformed on a truck that I thought I was buying. the company then stole 4.000 dollars from me.

  • Jul 25, 2014

In the middle of May 2014, I contacted American Truck to lease later buy a commercial truck. I am a truck driver with less that 2 years driving in this country, but I have over 20 years driving experience. This company took advantage that I believed in what they showed in the internet of freight trucks available. They asked for a 500.00 deposit and sent out the papers for me to sign. My wife did a search on this company and found that they practice the bait and switch tactic to get you interested but at the end the trucks you saw on line were never available. After a few tries trying to get a truck, we decided to cancel all dealing with them. When we asked for the 500.00 to be returned, they said it was not refundable. There contract makes no reference to that fact, so we are now disputing the charges. I don't know if we will get anywhere with them, but please beware of the switch and bait tatics they use to get you caught up with what is certainly and illusion to be your own owner operator.

  • Jul 7, 2014

I purchased a truck with this company last year and it has been nothing but a nightmare from the beginning. I wish I had visited this site and seen all these comments before I wasted thousands of dollars with these people. Everything I've read so far on this site about ATG is absolutely true. This is a company that takes advantage of ambitous people with weak credit trying to become an owner operator or start a small truck company. There 50/50 warranty is garbage. It only applies at there service center in MS. For an OTR driver this is not practical. The one time I happened to drive through there and get work done, the labor and parts cost are exaggerated to offset there contribution.

  • May 12, 2014

I signed a contract with these people, back in December to get a truck. I went down there to pick up the truck, it was as though they were trying to rush me off the lot, with the truck. The photo they sent me of the truck before I wired my $5900.00 down payment from my bank, was not the same truck I was now looking at. It looked like it in it's appearance which was a gold freigtliner 2006. It was gold like the photo but the inside photo was different, everything in the photo was not broken. When I got into the truck the truck was tore up from the floor up. The door on the cabnet would not stay closed when i turned the corner while test driving it. I had to send it in for repair the next day.

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