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Country United States
State Burundi
City Gulfport
Address 9140 Canal Rd
Phone 8776611592

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  • Jul 7, 2014

I'am writing this as myself Charles Claburn that way the owner of American truck Showrooms won't be able to accuse anyone of falsely posting about his bussiness.

I discovered American Truck Showrooms like you, the person reading this and so many others in the truck paper, why they continue to advertise this business I have no clue. In anycase I replied paid my 500 dollars and was believe it! I was approved not hard to do as they approve a ham sandwhich in thier program! again I went down bought the bull and the games began the hurry up give us your money but oh wait the trucks not ready, they won't take checks or credit cards because you can despute those typoes of charges after they screw you so we droive around chasing ATM machienes to get the cash and surprise they took it and we waited 5 days for our truck.

But the fun did not end there, as we drove out the reserve air tank fell off!

so back we go they swap it out and we head off to Ky to orientation, but surprise before we get ther the truck shows signs of serious trouble OIL in the coolant so we call the 24 hour help line oooppps guess what big surprise no answer. So me being me I call in a few favors to my friends in the industry and I get the owners number ! I call him and boy he was smooth nice guy seemed genuine to me said take it to a shop we will get it right, "Keep in mind I have friends at sat radio and numerous publications in the industry from my advocacy work" he is aware of who I'am from the general manager,

Anyway 7 days down they put a new resivor on it and flush it, the guy at Ky volvo says these guys said not to do anything else oopps so much for my 30 day warranty and then surprise 2 I have a 495.00 dollar deductible to boot! something they missed in that little closing I went threw.

Again we hit the road make it to NY truck craps out, call ATG they ask can you get it to N.Y they did agree to pay fuel and exspenses again we know why. We deadhead truck down to Gulfport where we learn heads cracked in 5 places and needs all kinds of work internal, parts ect.

This is where it gets better they offfered me a job because they were just beside themselves with grief with my situation and they wanted to better help the owner operator by understanding them! sounds good they want to do a better job and not have these things happen to ohers well I figure why not.

So we pack up the family and begin a new life in Mississippi doing what I thought was something good for every Owner-Op out there .

Boy was I wrong, quickly I saw the wake of destruction unhappy customers complaints numerous breakdowns where no one got help and quickly my wife who was offered employment in customer service started telling me what went on in collections "ALSO KNOWN AS CUSTOMER SERVICE" this is where the lies you were told to sign the contract come to light, like you must pay weekly!

you have deductibles on your BUMPER TO BUMPER 30 day WARRANTY! where the 500 mile towing you thought you had is only good from a repair facility not off the side of the road! that you can't really take the truck where ever you want to get it fixed! unless the guy in charge of the shop says you can ! oh and the 50/50 guys its not the parts are marked up 65% from the discount he gets so your not really getting any deal!

Best part IT"S A RENTAL MAKE NO MISTAKE YOU ARE RENTING THIS TRUCK! they will claim people buy them out all the time well I saw one out of 200 trucks I watched sold and most of the trucks were rented brought back and out again while I was there,

The Mississippi Attorney General has hundreds upon hundreds of complaints as dose the BBB better Business Breau , The problem is the contract it is tight, the other problem nothing in the contract protects you just them so they can pocket your money! when it's over there is no refund on your deposit I can provide hundreds of names to verify this,

The buy out never happens guys ask them to give you half a dozen recent names of people who have they can't! Recently media outlets have reached out as well as lawyers for many of thease drivers ATG will have its day, see after I left they fired my wife, now Louie is scared telling people if they are caught talking to me they will be fired!

shame on you Louie Normand Jr in anycase yes Mr Normand I'am telling the world next stop radio Television and you can't sue me for telling the truth I worked there! I know it is true and correct, right down to the reason people can not get payments over the phone! it's because you do not have one payment below 695 Plus plus oh and the 199 for 14 week plate and the 2290 that has been paid on that truck multiple times kinda hinky ! that 4 people pay it in one year!

People have lost thier homes over these trucks gone into bigger debt than they were, oh and guys many there think we truckers are scum we are liars and thieves! and they have made no qualms about saying these things out loud, many of the breakdowns are considered driver abuse neglect oh and they place GPS devices in the units without your knowledge this is so thier repo guy can snatch it while you are showering or sleeping.

I left American Truck Group because my health suffred horribly the stress and the heartache I was seeing and hearing each day I simply could not live the lie they were never going to change and why should they I mean Louies Kids all drive a benz , he has made his fourtune off of the backs of Americas drivers ! nothing I mean nothing good can come from your renting a truck from these guys . please look at the other complaints on here they are not lies they are all true from real people like me.

I can be contacted at (((email redacted))) if you need more info or you need help filing a complaint with the attorney general here in Mississippi.

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  • Mar 25, 2015

I bought a truck from american showroom trucks on novemebr 2014, I tried to back out after I gave my deposit money for a truck I could no longer get, so instead I eneded up with another truck full of mechanical issues. I again tried to back out of signing the contrat when the sales manager had told their would be an extra $2400. dollors added to it for plates, when he had told e that the plates are included in this program they were offering. Well that was the start of my problem. Since I have had this truck it has been in the shop as much it has been on the road. After the truck had been in the shop for two weeks at the end of january and begining of febuary 2015, plus a week at the end of december 2014. I was pulled in for a DOT Inspection, I was given a sitation for the insterment panel that displayed the ABS lights for not working. So I called up the shop kinda kidding asking the shop manager if they removed the bulbs behind the panel, he stated that that was impossiable, and he was right. What the they did was dissembled the panel took the board out place black taped on inside of the panel and that wasn't good so they broke the lightbulbs as well. While this truck had been in the shop about every other weekend since getting it and three solid weeks. The programs says it will waive the payments for it being the shop. Customer service Linda says defered the weekly payment. So I recieved a call from Linda saying I owe the remaing down payment and I was behind in payments, Much to my suprise, I argued that I wasn't late on any payments, she then told me that they couldn't defere my payments anymore for being in the shop. So I told Her that I would bring the truck back to the shop on that friday. I had a friend driving the truck for me, because I just got out of the hospital the day before this call. The next day the truck repeoed from me in San Antonio, TX. Which realy suprised me because an hour before I was on the phone whith her and all was confirmed the truck was to be braught back to arizona, I forgot to mention that I made a payment the previouse day to here and which they charged me a hundred dollars more, so I canceled the over pay. when I asked her the next day and to confirm that truck was going to the shop in mesa, arizona she told me that it was a late fee for something was never late with in the first place. So when the truck was repoed I asked her again what was the hundred dollors for she she told me that it was a ten percent fee to 824.00 wkly payment. So is is what they done to me and a whole lot more. I'm hopeing there is lawyer out there who would willing to take this case. This one is ieasy enough they have it right there in their contract and I recorded the phone conversations, supporting this.

  • Jul 26, 2014

I went there to look at a 2007 Coronado it said the truck was 1000% EPA California Compliant, with two beds and wen I got there it was not what it advertise... I put $495. Down for application fee, so they say, I got they to test drive the truck after talking to Joey, the truck was running, we went over to the truck, I stared checking it out, did a walk around the truck, than went to open the hood the truck cuts off, I than goes to restart the truck, I took a look in the back of the truck it had one cabinet missing on the driver side, it had dog hair all in it and no carpet in it... I told Joey there is no need to test drive it!!!! I talk to Walt the manager and he told me I couldn't get my money back because it was a no refund for application fee... I stop the check!!!!f

I was very excited to become an owner operator. I started web searching to acquire information regarding the purchase of Semi Truck. I came across this company by the name of American Truck Showroom. I called to inquire about the 2007 Coronado Semi which was advertised as 100% EPA California compliant with two bunks . When I spoke with Chela to inquire information regarding the truck. Chela confirmed the fact that the truck was EPA certified California Compliant and then proceeded to walk me through the qulification process which I entailed me giving them $495.00 check for processing fee. I called back 15 Minutes later to be passed off to a Salesperson by the name of Joey As I was inquiring with Joey confirming the advertised milege. His knowledge of the truck was the absolute opposite of Chela. He confirmed that the truck was not EPA certified California compliant and milege was not the same in the Web advertisement.

At this point I'm in route coming from NC to GA were America Truck Showroom is located. Once I get to GA the truck was in horrible conditions. The under cabinet was missing, no rugs and dog hair. When attempting to take a test drive the truck continously shut off. I wasn't able to test drive the truck due too it not being able to start. When I requested a refund. I was given the run around.To later be told that my money was not refundable. Which was not disclosed when the money was received.

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