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American Web Loan Reviews

  • May 29, 2015

I requested loan from American Web Loan, in the amount of $1500 for $137 a month by Nicholas I sent total of $360 with no loan in my account they requested I send them $166 more for transfer fee because I live in the state of MD. This was dumb on my part believing that this was legit. I have learned from this and maybe evicted because of this scam.

  • May 28, 2015

I took out a loan with them and they collected almost $600 from me before I demanded they stop, and I asked them to disclose their terms and that is when I received a contract that I never signed, but they insisted that I agreed to pay them back $1200.00 on a $400.00 loan that was my initial borrow. I immediately reached out to them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts begging for someone to contact me in reference to this issue and I never received a call. They just continued to send me emails telling me I owed them money. In my opinion they are CROOKS and should not be allowed to do business any longer. I really needed the cash but I would have NEVER agreed to those terms because that is robbery. I have had numerous collection agencies contact me and I told them if they can prove that I signed anything stating that I would pay them back with 100% interest I would consider that after I had my lawyer review the contract. Today, I was contacted by a lawyer in NY most likely related to this issue, but I am read and I pray that justice will prevail because no company should be allowed to do business in this manner and prey on innocent consumers. I was in a situation where I needed them and they took total advantage of my situation.

  • Apr 16, 2015

My husband called this company for a $1000 loan. He was required to set up 2 automatic payments per month from our checking account for $300.00 each. (a total of $600.00 per month) He was told that these payments would pay the interest as well as a portion of the principle balance of the loan. Unfortunately, this was not true. Unless we paid above and beyond the $600 per month, 0 dollars of the principle was acutally paid off. For example, after 2 months of paying on the loan at $600 a month, we still owed $1000.00. How is this even legal? We were finally able to pay off the loan in full and in the end, we paid $4,600 for a $1000.00 loan. This is a scam!! Even if your kids are starving and your electricity has been turned off, this route will NOT be worth it. DO NOT be a fool like we were. Do NOT get a loan from American Web.

  • Jan 20, 2015

I borrowed 600.00 from Amwebloanllc. I did not understand the terms clearly. It was in October or November, 2014 when I borroed the money. They ask for my routing number and account number of my bank. I called and spoke with a gentleman about my account, I asked him about the balance of my account. He told me that all I been paying was interest and none of the money I have been paying is going to the loan. I ask him when wiill have this loan paid off. He told me that this loan could take up to 20 payments before it is paid. Please help me.

  • Dec 6, 2014

Tribes Taking Advantage of People Deceitfully!!

I am so mad at myself for taking out this loan! I've never done a payday advance loan, but I was in a less than ideal situation at the time and really needed the money. My ex husband quit paying child support several months ago and so I've been the sole supporter for myself and 2 kids. I had already spent my savings and needed something extra to give my kids a good birthday and Christmas coming up so that they didnt have to be punished for their father's ignorant decisions. Anyway I was approved for $1100 loan and it was explained to me that my payment would be $330 every 2 week pay period with an additional finance fee of $330 plus a little interest. It was my understanding that the money my so-called 'payment' would be applied to my balance and if i wanted to pay 'extra' i could do that as well. I was thinking no big deal, i've paid quite a bit in income taxes this year and had estimated I'd get a decent refund back in the next 2 months and that I would just pay off this loan then. Boy was I completely wrong!!! I have just made my 3rd payment of $330, so was thinking not to much more to go and would have it all paid back plus the fee/interest. I noticed my online account still reflect the original $1100 balance, so I called the customer serivce number a few days ago and the rep told me the $330 is just the finance fee every 2 weeks. Unless I'm paying extra on top of that, my balance won't go down until the 13th payment...i said 13???? That would be $4,290 I would have paid at that point. The guy sends me another copy of my loan terms - i noticed this was was labeled in capital letters 'DUPLICATE' - and i'm reading through the terms again and realize this is worded completely different than the original loan terms I received. I noticed on this 2nd copy they sent, it does have a statement explaining that your regular payment doesn't apply to the principal balance. I completely understood these terms , but thats not the terms they sent out in the beginning. I think this is very fishy! I'm still looking back through emails to locate the original copy of the terms to show as my proof, but I'm curious if anyone else has thought the same thing? This is highway robbery. If Congress no longer lets credit card companies sell us unncessary options, then I don't understand how these Indian Tribe companies are still able to get away with such fraudulent and misleading terms. I still can't pay this loan off for at least another month in a half, so I cringe just thinking how much money i'm throwing in the garbage paying this $330 every 2 weeks. I really wish a class action suit was in the works. Has anyone already talked to an attorney or filed anything with the courts???

  • Dec 6, 2014

I applied for a loan from American Web Loan in August for $400.00 to cover an emergency. I have been paying back over $200.00 a month. I called today to see what my balance is. They said $340.00 I asked where the $200.00 was going and she said all that went for interest. The only amount paid on the principal was $60.00 I paid extra one payday. These payday loan companies are owned by Native American tribes. I do not understand why they are allowwed to do this to people. I am struggling just like everyone else. I borrowed this money and now am paying 60% interest a month. I have paid back over $1,000 on this loan. Anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do? I told them I am closing my bank account..

  • Nov 20, 2014

Do not do business with them!!! They are predatory lenders charging 768% in interest. I am paying $300.00 a month for fifteen (15) months ... yes 15 months! My Five Hundred Dollar loan is going to cost me $2,500.00!!!! That is Two Thousand Dollars ($2000.00) in interest!!! I think a class action suit is mandatory in order to put these predators out of business. Can anyone help, or advise as to the best possible way to stop these, for lack of a better word, people?

We were told when we took out the loan that the total payback amount would be $600.00. The next amount being deducted from our account will satisfy that amount. Therefore, they should not be taking money out until May, 2015. Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) a month for fifteen months? For a Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) loan?? My gosh... I should have just had my utilities turned off. I would have been better off than I am now ... I honestly don't know what to do. Please help. Do not go through them at ANY cost!!

  • Nov 9, 2014

American web loan is a complete ripoff they don't bother to tell you that the loan you take out is going to cost you somewhere around 1000.00 to 3000.00 they don't disclose that there intrest rate and fees do not go towards the loan and you have to pay extra to pay it off so in conclusion do not use this company if you want to keep your sanity.

  • Nov 5, 2014

My sister needed emergency funds for dental work. She just started working again and her insurance doesn't start for two months.

American Web Loan told her she was approved, and that the funds would be in her account in two days. After four days the money wasn't sent, and she contacted them. She had already sent her paycheck stub and signed the loan agreement, thinking she would get the loan.

When she spoke with them, they said she wasn't approved because her direct deposit was put on the debit card associated with her checking account. So, we're thinking after four days, couldn't they have told her that when they got the paperwork instead of lying and saying she was approved.

Now, she is upset and is changing her account and debit card numbers, and putting fraud alerts on her credit reports, thinking they are running a scam operation. You are either approved once they run your information or you are not! Why lie and tell someone they will get the loan and them drum up some half-baked excuse.

  • Aug 20, 2014

I needed cash quickly and knew it would cost me. I was led to believe that a $1,000 loan would end up costing me $1,300 in payments if paid in full within 75 days.

It turns out that the $900 I have paid is just interest and I still owe $1,300. I never received the loan agreement until I called with a question after 60 days.

They claim that I was sent the agreement, but there is no way that this is true. I believe that this is their normal way of doing business. This is a totally unethical and immoral business. The Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians should be ashamed!

  • Aug 5, 2014

When I took the loan for 400 $ they said my biweekly payment would be i asked so its 120 every two weeks so after 4 payments i will have paid 400$ and 80$ in intrest. and the rep said yes..when i found out the 120 was just the intrest i called and another rep said its not a installment loan.. i was furious i said that i would never have taken the loan if the rep told me those terms.and does money mutual know its sending people to a ripoff leander? someone should stop these people or at least have them explain the terms more fully

  • Jul 30, 2014

Montel Williams is a promoter for this quick loan company. I was truly sucked in. I just wonder if he really knows what they do. If he does and I would be very disappointed to know he would still promote it. Okay, I knew the interest would be excessive, and I was ok with that, but I did not know they would rip me off.

Once I realized they had taken over $900.00 for a loan of $500.00 and would continue to take more, I called to verify that this was not a mistake. I was told some wishy-washy bs as to what I agreed to, etc. I told them it was Usury! If this is not against the law, it should be!!! I don't know what happens from here, but I just cannot see a court condoning that kind of interest.

I will file a claim with Consumer Affairs and I will see if I can file a claim against them in small claims court for everything over the $630.00 I thought I had to pay for a $500,00 loan.

  • Jul 28, 2014

Stay away from american web loan!!

Stay away from this sneaky loan company. I had apply for a loan back in may.2014 for $400. I was on a payment plan of $120 which is due every other week until my $400 was paid off. Atleast thats what i thought. I continue to make the $120 payment on time and so far i've paid $360 off.

I checked my account and it shows i still owe $400. This made me concern so i called up american web loan to speak with a representative there and come to find out i am on a 7 months payment plan of $120. This was never brought up to my attention when applying for the loan.

I knew i was on a $120 payment plan but i didnt know i will be paying $120 for 7 months! I figure i'll just have to pay $120 each payment until the $400 is paid off but that is not correct! So even if my loan is only for $400 i'll be paying $120 for 7 months for a total of $840+ the $400 i borrowed which comes out to $1240.

So a loan of $400 will cost me $1240 at the end. Do not apply for a loan from this place! This is a very sneaky loan company that takes advantage of u. I should have done my research on this company before applying for a loan. After doing a quick search i found so many complaints on this loan company. STAY AWAY FROM AMERICAN WEB LOAN!!!! BEWARE!!!

  • Jul 9, 2014

I have a payday loan of $500-00 with amwebloanllcweb. I've paid $145-00 every two weeks they take it out of my checking account. For at least 4 months now. But my balance never goes down I've more than paid them back. I have become unemployed and cannot keep having this taken out of my bank I have no way to reach them to solve this problem. My phone number is 413xxxxxxx (((REDACTED))) . Please help stop this as this Thursday. July 12th they will take $145-00 again please help stop this or come up with a solution

  • Jul 5, 2014

I got a $500 loan from AWL to help cover my car loan in december due to slow month at the resturant I work at. The terms and conditions original stated that I would repay $150 for 6 payments. I knew it was alot but it was worth it to keep my car.

Today was told that it was not an installment loan but a flexable loan and only the last 3 payments of 16 would apply to my principle loan.

Why would I agree to give back $2400 when i only borrowed $500. that was my question! And looking at the terms and conditions, it states I will repay $2450. Now do the math $150 * 16 = $2400, where did the extra $50 come from? never again in my life.

  • Jul 15, 2014

Rip off

This company is a bunch of crooks ...they steal from the poor ..when I took out my loan the rep never mentioned that they would take 330 every two weeks and none would go towards principle what are they stupid.. We take out loans because we need it not rich to pay so much money only interests

  • Jun 27, 2014

I am a victim of fraudulent withdrawals from my bank account from illegal payday loan companies. The following companies are tribal and it is illegal for them to do this type of lending. I unfortunately took out an emergency pay day loan with American Web Loan on line. Unfortunately for me they have several other company names Akas that also start taking withdrawals from my account, One Click Cash, Cash Call are just two of these alias's. I have now reported this and am now left with trying to repair my credit. I have paid them back 3 times as much as was borrowed to begin with. I don't want any other consumer to go through what I have been through.

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