Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 1302 Waugh Drive #943
Phone 800-575-8016
Website Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2015

Just another company where the customer comes last.

The ordering process on their website is very confusing. After speaking with a customer service rep based on my square footage, I was instructed to order a certain amount of wallpaper. This ended up being only half of what I needed. I tried to order the second part and was told the material WAS in stock by Debra, my rep at American Blinds. I'm sure this was just in an effort to quiet me and get me to order more from the company even though it was NOT in stock. After the order was processed, I get a notfication that it was on backorder and would not be coming in until an additional month more and with a different dye lot so it probably won't match what I have. What a joke.


When I ordered the wallpaper, very prominently displayed is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not even close. That 100% satisfaction guarantee is minus a 30% restocking fee. As the customer, your satisfaction doesn't mean anything to this company.

Sadly, had this company worked with me on the restocking fee I would have given them 8K in new business for all the blinds in my new home. To this company, the customer's satisfaction was not worth $300.

Keep screwing over customers American Blinds, and continue to lose a lot more.

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