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  • Jul 26, 2014

After speaking to FBI about this scam. I found they do have interest with these companies and James Walker. However in order for any criminal charges to be filed. Everyone who has been involved or victimized with any of these companies to go to and file a complaint. US Attorney will only allow charges and or investigation to be involved with large quantities of money or people to be affected.

Please again go to and file complaint so we can have them caught, and put in prison. By the way their using magic jack phone and could be anywhere. Thank you, God bless.

  • Jul 26, 2014

I requested a loan online. shortly afterwards company called me and said they have some good news. I've been approved for a loan for up to $5,000.00.

I had to give then some more information though. My name again, date of birth, Social Security Number, Where I work? How long I've been there? My employer phone number? My credit score. If I felt it was perfect, good, poor or very poor. I told them I've had some issues with personal matters so it's poor. He said not to worry they have a program they can put me in. Gave me a number to call that was going to be my personal manager.

I called the number and got answering machine. Shortly later, James, aka James Walker, aka Mark called me telling me he can loan me the money but I had to send him $250.00 first. We have no contract, he can't take credit card. Instead he wanted me to go to Wallmart and send a money pack. Way too suspicious so I called FBI. They advised me it's a scam. Me catching them I called and advised them their scams.

He then wanted to know my daughters phone number so he can perform sexual acts with her. He called me about 15 times throughout the day. Verbally harassing my phone. So in retaliation, I began calling them. Then they blocked one of my phone from calling them. Come to find out their using a magic jack phone.

This Scam of one of their known names is a Fraud. To entertain with them is to cost big time. Don't do it.

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