Amex Limousine

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 2124 Mill Avenue,
Phone 718-946-2323

Amex Limousine Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2015

Peter(Owner) and Ana had shown my fiance a party bus for us to use for our wedding. The bus was amazing and I was very excited to sign the contract and use their services. On the contract it indicated deposit were nonrefundable which my fiance and I understood. I needed to book my location for my photos when I spoke to that merchant she told me that will need a liability insurance. So I contacted Ana and she told me that it is difficult to get. Although I contacted other companies and they told me that is a lie because any company can provide that in minutes. Ana told me that what they could do is drop us off at location and drive around until we are ready. I started to believe that they didn't have insurance. I told that I needed it in order to use that location for my photos. She said she would try and get it as soon as possible. I had waited for 2 or 3 months and sent emails and call both Ana and Peter. I would not get this matter taken care of. I got frustrated and told ana if she cannot provide liability then I will have to take my business elsewhere. I ask for my deposit but she told me it's non refundable. Now I understand contracts may state this. But if merchant could not provide me with liability insurance then my service I needed for my wedding day could not be provided therefore since no service was not provide due to their inability to provide document then contract should be null and voided. I would never recommend compare to any at this point. But the matter of my deposit I still need resolved.

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