Country India
State Andaman & Nicobar Islands


  • May 7, 2015

Owner of , named Sasidhar Kareti from India is one of the scummiest low grade wannabe bloggers in history. It's not that he has a lot of followers (No person of substance would take advice from such a moron) however, when he writes this garbage it lands on us REAL business owners search landing pages and hurts our rankings and our sales. He's honestly one of the scummiest website owners I've come across and his tactics are that of a typical thief. He locates a website in his niche (Work from home) then he writes a crappy, cheap article trashing several online opportunities. This man is from a third world country so he targets Indians. Therefore he will target any website that has a high ranking in India (Such as my businesses). He then attempts to make everyone believe he has their best interest at heart by posting a bunch of CRAP reviews that do not even make any sense whatsoever. I read a review on there talking about someone posting adsense on their site so he said they must be a scam. I mean really? Look who's talking! He really needs to take a crash course in English and writing reviews.

This man has taken all 20 of my online businesses (among several others in my niche) with absolutely NO PROOF of the extremely damaging statements he has made. I have literally ZERO complaints and now this criminal has written a bunch of BOGUS FAKE REVIEWS that are written so horribly and so uneducated I am surprised anyone would actually read this crap. He posts peoples private banking information, he posts private addresses and he writes about literally ANY business he can basically steal traffic from so he can sell his adsense and get their clicks for a paycheck. The mere desperation for clicks has made many honest businesses like mine a target by these pure greedy liars like Sasidhar Kareti. I have been online over a decade and I am frankly tired of desperate bloggers that will tear apart any companies reputation for a $25 adsense check. This is a dirty rotten business to be in especially when you're the victim of it. I am a single parent of 3 children and I depend on my business to succeed. The last thing I need is some poor guy so desperate for money he will sell out any stranger to make a buck. This needs to be stopped and there needs to be way more regulations for this type of stuff. is nothing but a scammer trying to steal from adsense by basically making up lies about us hard working business owners and I want everyone to be aware of this smear campaign this man has going on. I do not know how he has a mans full bank account pasted on a review. It's purely illegal and disgusting! I am going to report this site to every authority site I can to get him banned for this garbage. People should not just be able to make up a bunch of lies about a company just for adsense and affiliate profit.

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