Ammyy LLC

Country Russian Federation
State Belize
City Moscow
Address CHECHERSKIY 66, APT 92
Phone 1.703.596-1166

Ammyy LLC Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2014

The phone call appeared as TOWNSEND MT (1-406-266-4910). A man with a heavy accent which sounded East Indian, claimed to be from Microsoft and knew both my name and my daughter's name. He claimed they had learned that our Windows had been corrupted by internet sources and needed to be fixed as there was great danger.

He had me put in some codes that allowed him into my computer and he showed me a bunch of warning and error messages. I am not very computer savvy and believed it at first, but I began to get suspicious as I was told to download something. I asked what it would cost, and he asked if I thought he sounded like a salesman. I told him I had no idea, but that I wasn't going to pay for anything.

Then he turned me over to his supposed supervisor who tried to intimidate me by telling me that Windows would no longer support Vista, I already knew that, but it didn't make it unusable. He claimed that after today I would no longer be able to use the internet, and that the upgrade that would fix this would only cost $18. I guess he lowered the price in hopes that I would succumb to his intimidation. I hung up.

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