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  • Oct 3, 2014

Cheaters and full of scam

I would agree with the reviews on the website. I had booked through Trivago which referred with the cheapest deal but was very worried when I contacted the hotel there was no reservation from them. However after emailing the vouchers I had sent to the hotel, they had confirmed the booking.

Honestly I would not book through them again...they do not have an online account...I tried to generate password several times but could not. Either this is a scam company just to loot money or company run by inexperienced dumb people seriously!!!

This has to be raised to all search engine providers to mark them as suspicious in future so that people don't have unnecessary travel chaos!!!

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  • Jul 11, 2017


I booked with them, valided everything with the hotel and when I got there they said the card on file kepted declining,and when I looked at the card they had on file it wasn't the card I used to pay and money was taking out my account, I closed my bank card and ordered another to be safe if this scam and went to fraud prevention to get my money back

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  • Jul 29, 2016

A Motelier's perspective

We discovered that our motel was listed with Amoma quite by accident. We have multiple global listings with reputable booking companies, all of which take a commission for listing our property. Amoma seems to profit by generously inflating the motel tariff (in our case 30%) and keeping the inflated amount, since the motel never hears from Amoma. So they DO NOT honour their advertised discount. They also charge to change your chosen currency to Euros. Since calling them and requesting that they remove our property from their site we have been stonewalled and have received the first bad review on Tripadvisor. Their relationship with Tripadvisor is unknown to us.

Steer clear

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  • Oct 10, 2016

Amoma hotels

my complaint is nothing to do with hotels as such, but a large currency transaction (£14,400) was taken from my credit card account without my knowledge or consent, on 28 Sept 2016, so beware! No idea how they got my card number or details both card and personal wise.

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  • Dec 12, 2016


If I could give the ZERO stars I would. We booked a hotel for the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC. We were on TRIVAGO and clicked on The Embassy Row Hotel which took us to the Amoma site. We booked the hotel at a GREAT rate. We billed the amount on our CREDIT CARD. WE did NOT use PAYPAL to process the payment!!! BUT the receipt mentioned paypal. WE both had a funny feeling about this so we decided I would call The Embassy Row Hotel first thing this morning. When calling The Embassy Row Hotel in DC they said they had NOOOOO reservations for us. PLUS since it was for the Presidential Inauguration, they had told ALL discount online hotels NOT to put their hotel on their list. THEY had NO rooms during this time and they were charging a minimum of $699.00 per room. We had paid $422.00 for two nights through Amoma. Bottom line... our hotel reservations we NO GOOD!! We entered NO passwords for PAYPAL but our charges came up on our credit card today & said it went through PAYPAL. I called the number on my CC bill and it was for PAYPAL and I went to paypal hell but that is an entirely other story. I found the number for AMOMA which is 917-624-9013 and asked them. They say they are in Switzerland but they also have Afgansitan on their record.... WHAT is that about??? The woman told me she would charge me $60.00 to cancel and I said NO. Finally she said she would remove the charges. It would be removed in 24 hours in their system but would take 3-5 business days with my bank. Needless to say I am calling my bank to STOP the charge. These people are a FRAUD. The representative had NO clue what was going on. DO NOT USE THEM AT ALL.... PLEASE SPEAD THE WORD.

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  • Dec 24, 2014

How to Defeat A Scamdog!

Thank you for this web site. I was looking at booking a hotel through but noticed some things about them that looked odd and found this site during my due dilligence. If you are using MC/VISA/AE to make any scam purchase you have considerable tools available to have the scam charge reversed. Google 'grounds for reversing a credit card charge' to find the international rules for this. You must then present your case in writing to MC/VISA/AE ... I have usually won such 'scam' charge difficulties in about 4 weeks. Occasionally, a scammer will put up a defense and you must again respond ... but ... I have always won those too when they to Arbitration ... it just takes longer to finalize. Never use a debit card. Good luck to all

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  • Jan 26, 2015

Amoma research

Thank you for all your advise, read many many negative reviews. I was going to book through this site but decided to do a search first as I have never heard of it but found it through trivago. The price was too good and cheap to be true. Thanks heaps will never go near this site!! Trivago should look into this a site as it will give them a bad name. So relieved that is did a search first. People! Please do searches before you book coz all this sounds horrible. I will stay booking with hotels directly or using the most reliable sites even though it is more expensive. Once they get your credit card details you never know what they can do with it!!! Very scary!

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  • Oct 21, 2014

Horrible and Unacceptable service

I booked through them and when I got to my hotel in Vegas, the reservation was no where to be found by the hotel. So I had to waste time calling them, they were no help as their "supplier" who is their helper in booking and confirming the reservation; was unavailable. I had to book another room, which is actually double booking, especially since they "guarantee" your booking "confirmed". Well guess what? My booking as not confirmed, luckily I had extra money, I had to book another room and I'm still waiting to be reimbursed by Amoma, who says they need to wait for their "supplier" to make a decision on the refund. There ain't no decision, you stole from me! You have my money since Oct 11, 2014! The room was not "guaranteed" and now I have to wait for my money that you stole! I definitely do not recommend this company at all and this is the 2nd time it happened. I originally booked through either or Trivago which sent me to Amoma, so buyers/bookers beware! If Amoma comes up, please choose another choice!

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  • Feb 20, 2015

did you eventually get your money back?

Was wondering if you eventually got your money back.

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  • Jan 21, 2015


They supposedly booked us a room in a hotel that had been sold out for 2 days before we used their website to book a room at that hotel !!! It seems to be a common theme from reviews I've read about Amoma online. I'll never go near their website again. NO STARS it was worse than bad!!! STAY AWAY Don't know if they are scammer's or just badly trained.

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  • Sep 20, 2014

I had a bad experience. Poor customer service and no resolve for a simple issue. If you have a problem, you will likely not talk to anyone to resolve it. They don't speak good English. Do not buy from this site. Good luck, but stay clear from this site.

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  • Feb 27, 2015

Not as bad as other say

I was VERY skeptical about after reading all the reviews on various websites, but chose to try them as I couldn't get a reasonable price on any other site for a hotel in Playa del Carmen. I am happy to report that the company must have beefed up customer service or something because my experience was very good. I called to confirm reservation with hotel and they didn't have it right away after booking online so I got a little nervous. I called amoma's customer service right away. They did say it takes 24-48 hours for reservations to go through sometimes. I waited and within 12 hours I got an email from hotel confirming reservation and a follow up email from AMOMA to ensure I was happy with my service.

When I arrived in Playa I checked in with no trouble and saved almost 50% off the room versus what other sites were charging. I would definitely use the site again. But it always helps to call and confirm reservations before arriving at destination to ensure no surprises when you get there.

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  • Oct 2, 2015


Worked great in Florence, Italy

  • Aug 31, 2014

Cancellation fee after 1 hour

I booked a room at the Orleans hotel in Las Vegas through this service. I cancelled within an hour because my requirements weren't being met.

A cancellation fee of half the money was imposed.

No one else does this!

Don't use them.

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  • Jul 22, 2014

Bait and Switch

I arrived at the hotel on July 2nd to check-in. I provided them

with Amoma voucher and the gentleman behind the desk after looking totally baffled

for several minutes said he needed to get his manager. The manager came out and

informed me that I never had a reservation with that particular hotel but rather

with another one of their hotels. He informed me that he had no idea how Amoma

could have given me a voucher to one hotel but book me at another

and because I had booked it through Amoma there was nothing that the

hotel could do to change it. In addition, I was further surprised to learn a

hotel room that I had paid $998.00 for two nights actually cost $488 for

two nights. He informed me that companies like Amoma put surcharges on the

actual cost of the hotel room which according to their Q&A they do

not do. It further defies comprehension how any company can up-charge a room by

a 100%. At this point I was so disgusted and tired that I just checked

into the other hotel. Which based on the original reservation should have been

a triple room which was shown at the time of booking as a large suite instead

we were all crowded into a much smaller room with two beds.

I travel extensively and have used various travel sites for bookings. I have

however never experienced the nightmare like I experienced with Amoma. Since having this experience I have researched the company and seen all of the negative reviews unfortunately I wish I had seen those reviews prior to booking.

The bottom line is I was GUARANTEED a certain hotel and room accommodations and was instead booked into

another hotel and given inferior accommodations at an above market rate. Since my return I have tried contacting the company and they stated I had to put everything in writing to them to which I did but have never received a response.

Their brand promise states "sleep well & save", I can say that in my case they did live not up to that promise. I would not book thru this company unless you are willing to have the same experience I did.

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  • Feb 1, 2016

AMOMA price 30+% higher than hotel desk.

I find reading these reviews that TRIVAGO seems to be the source of many AMOMA referrals. I needed a room for a funeral several hundred miles from home. TRIVAGO listed what I wanted and said there was only one room left at that price. I tried booking a my "application" was rejected. So, I tried the next hotel on the TRIVAGO list and booked. The next day I checked my credit card and found the first was listed as a pending charge along with the second. Getting to the hotel, I was never asked for the "you must show this at registration" page and found that I now lived in Italy rather than Oregon. When checking out I found the rate the hotel wanted to charge was 30% less than I was billed by AMOMA (and prepaid via PayPal). I was told that this company tacks on a "service charge" to their reservations and I would not have seen it if I had not requested a receipt at the desk. AVOID TIRVAGO and AMOMA as they seem experts in the rip-off game.

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  • Jun 19, 2017

Got Worried and call the hotel

I booked the hotel first and then since I have never heard about the site, I got worried and get even more after I read these reviews. Anyway I decided to call the hotel and see if I have reservation and everything seem good. The thing about the cancellation policy is probably how they make their money, not so fond of it. But I think it's ok

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  • Jun 17, 2017

Trivago directed us to book through As soon as we clicked confirm, received an error message that the credit card was declined. Went on the credit card website to investigate only to discover they had taken the $173 out! called the hotel and they confirmed that we did not have a reservation.

I will never use trivago again.

No matter how low the cost, do yourself a favor and do not book through

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  • Feb 3, 2017

Good company.

We have used Amoma in the past and were pleased.

This year we booked through them again, and confirmation came quickly. We called the hotel to verify but were told we did not have a suite, just a room. Long story short, it was the fault of the hotel in the way they advertised on their website. We called Amoma and they in turn called the hotel but there were no suites available. They apologized for the inconvenience and rebated us the cost of two nights stay.

I would recommend them and use them again.

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  • May 4, 2017


May 4, 2017

Avoid this company! I was booked online on the wrong date which I did not notice at first. I can't get my money back apparently. I have contacted them 7 times via email and phone and no one answers, promises to get back to me shortly and never does. If there is some way to do a class action suit against them, I would be happy to join you!

I wish I would have looked into their rating ahead of time.

  • Jun 3, 2016

Scared Silly Till I Checked In

Similar to the May 6, 2016 post I booked three nights at Le Chateau Frontenac Quebec City. Using the Trivago hotel web tool I was redirected to Amoma. The rack rate at this luxury hotel in @$650/night. The best deals on the web were running $450. Way too steep for my blood, but then I got this pop up that said only three rooms left $229/night. I booked the rooms, but after paying a 10% down, with no reservation confirmation until a week before check in I got nervous. I started reading all these incredibly bad customer service, but worse, outright scam reviews. Show up to check in an no reservation. I panicked but my option was loose my 10% deposit.

I decided to put a protective reservation for a different hotel not through Amoma which offered free cancellation within 72 hours of arrival. By then the Amoma reservation would clear and I'd receive my voucher. When the date came, I got the email that I was being charged the balance, and got my voucher. It was suggest I wait 24 hours before contacting the hotel directly. I called and the hotel confirmed the reservation.

When the 72 hour cancellation date came up I called again to confirm and everything was fine, so I canceled my protective reservation. I called back the hotel for a third time, gave them my credit card, and asked if there was anyway someone other than myself could cancel the reservation; they said no.

Let me tell you, I was bringing my girlfriend on the guise of celebrating her birthday when in fact I was proposing marriage! I made arrangement for flowers, and champagne through the concierge. Everything worked perfectly; despite my trepidations and fear that upon arrival (like other folks who reviewed) my reservation was going to vaporize. It didn't.

I can't say I will use them again given all this negative, but I saved a bundle and had no problems.

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  • Feb 24, 2015

Amoma is a scam

I booked a hotel in San Diego on a holiday weekend. I got my voucher from AMoma and figured everything was done. We arrived and La Quinta had no reservation in their system. The desk clerk called the number on voucher and nobody answered , it went to music on never ending hold. They called back several times. No other rooms were available and we had to drive back home. All of our plans ruined for the Presidents day/ Valentines weekend. I reported this fraud to my credit card company and I got a call from a heavily accented lady who blamed it on their supplier. Do not use this company ! Book directly with the hotel or a reputable company.

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  • Feb 12, 2015

This is a complete rip-off. It pops up on room searches with cheap hotels here in the US. Site says "amount including fees". When I received my credit card bill they had used an international fee and exchange rate. Refused to listen to my complaint. The Omama agent was a rude, arrogant individual. I will never use them again. Beware.

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  • Feb 6, 2015

Grand Miramar - Puerto Vallarta

I travel from Canada to Mexico every January. We usually do an all-inclusive package but this year we decided to book flights with AirMiles and just book a condo. I used Trivago to search for condos in Puerto Vallarta and picked the Grand Miramar. The cheapest price was through Amoma so I went with them. I got my voucher, presented it at the hotel, and ended up with a fabulous corner suite overlooking the ocean. No problems whatsoever.

I would recommend Amoma, and HIGHLY recommend the Grand Miramar.

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  • Nov 9, 2014

Con artists

Booked the Hilton Spa hotel in RAK (UAE) a month back through To cut a long story short they put me in another Hilton hotel in RAK, the City Centre, a very average hotel compared to where we had originally booked


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  • Apr 7, 2019

Worst company in the world!

Should be shut down instantly!

I booked a hotel, choosing the more expensive “flexible cancelation” option, instead of “no refund”. And they took my money in full, up front, anyway.

I had to cancel, the website kept stalling, redirecting me, made register an account, then mentions that there will be a $60.00 charge!

Even though i’m well within the “flexible” cancelation period! it turns out they use the word “flexible” instead of free, to deliberately mislead people. I complained, through their chat feature, and was sent a photo showing if you click on “flexible cancelation”, it says they charge a $60.00 fee! no one would guess this! every other company has two choices: no refund, or free cancelation. Even my invoice doesn’t mention it! and you have to be redirected over and over to try and even see it! then, after i cancelled, they didn’t email me a confirmation!!!

These are criminals! nothing less!


  • May 25, 2018

Do not use or to reserve your hotel rooms! we reserved a suite with a king bed on the trivago website over 2 months ago and paid our reservation in full. One month before we are set to leave we get an email stating that due to an overbooking situation our reservations were changed to a standard room with 2 queen beds. The email said that we will be reimbursed $58.00 for the change. That has not happened yet. So not happy. Will never use trivago or amoma again. Do yourself a favor and book direct with the hotels you are wanting to stay in.

  • Feb 20, 2018


I believe that & TRIVAGO are in co-hoots and are probably cashing in and making thousands on the backs of many innocent people, who either end up having to pay cancellation fees, having no bookings made at their desired hotels, making long phone calls to Switzerland and not ever getting through to any adviser, etc.

I think that they are operating globally and the necessary authorities need to be alerted to their numerous, scamming ways.

  • Sep 15, 2017

Customer Service hotline : a nightmare

Hotline: Never had to wait so long for a contact. Unbelievable.

Booking site: you can't change the booking dates, though it shows availability.

Price indications were wrong (4.860 Euro for a night in a normal hotel) !

You better stay away from this platform - Unfortunate I was referred to this this automatically through Trivago

  • Aug 9, 2017

recent experience

We've been transferred to Amoma from and booked a twin hotel room. After receiving the confirmation we've noticed the room was double and not twin. We called and wrote a few times trying to rectify the situation, were assured they are working on it....You guessed it - we never heard from Amoma again. At least our booking was legit and we weren't charged double!!! I've inquired at the hotel about a possibility to switch our double into twin room and was told that the whole hotel only has 4 twin rooms, so the chances of booking those are extremely small to begin with.... after reading other stories I am glad we had the room to stay at all!!!

  • Aug 9, 2017

Recent Booking

After reading about people's experiences with Amoma I can see that our story wasn't the worst, nor the best. Since it happened quite recently (July 2017) I wanted to make sure everybody knows the site is happily up and running.... still scamming people. We've been transferred to Amoma from and booked a twin hotel room. After receiving the confirmation we've noticed the room was double and not twin. We called and wrote a few times trying to rectify the situation, were assured they are working on it....You guessed it - we never heard from Amoma again. At least our booking was legit and we weren't charged double!!! I've inquired at the hotel about a possibility to switch our double into twin room and was told that the whole hotel only has 4 twin rooms, so the chances of booking those are extremely small to begin with.... after reading other stories I am glad we had the room to stay at all!!!

  • Jul 19, 2017

AMOMA is good

I have booked hotels in London on a number of occasions through the AMOMA website and there has never had any issues. Turned up at hotel, showed reservation voucher and checked in.

  • Jun 15, 2017

Car rental gangsters in Santo Domingo

AMOMA made me have the worst car rental experience of my life on arrival to Santo Domingo. The amount charged on my credit card was almost 100 USD higher than what the offer stated for the 12 day rental, and Interrent, the owner of the car, made me pay USD 221 additional dollars for an insurance issued by the same Interrent company, which was mandatory and not OPTIONAL as edvertised. Besides Interrent made me sign an open voucher in case of any damage to the car. Do not rent cars through AMOMA anywhare on earth, and least in Republica Dominicana

  • Apr 19, 2017


Has a booking in Australia with AMOMA, do not use them as you dont have a booking as they do not pay the resort so no booking for you but they take your money and when you try phone AMOMA your left on line, hung up after 30 minutes.


  • Apr 12, 2017

Do not use this company a big scam, booked a hotel in kissimmee, fl on 03/06/17 they took my money for 4 days and 3nights at a resort. I go to check in the resort with the voucher they sent me, the voucher was not honored and the hotel was booked. After being on the phone with amoma rep for 2 1/2 hours they tried to refax info and hotel could not accept still because they were booked. I had to go find another hotel about 1100p.M at night after trying to check in at the resort that amoma booked for me since 500 pm that day. Never contacting me back to rectify the situation, promising compensation because i had to check into 2 different hotels for my stay that weekend that came to triple the amount, pretty much ruin my kids spring break and now i have to go thru my bank to recoup my money.

  • Oct 10, 2016

£1,440 removed from my credit card with no authorisation-shows on the statement

as a currency transaction.

  • Aug 16, 2016

Switch and Bait

I booked a room a the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa through I called the Resort to make sure that I did indeed have a reservation, and was told that my reservation was with Bay Gardens Hotel instead. I then called AMONA and told then about this, and they promptly said no that this was not true and that I was booked and confirmed reservations at Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, and went as far to ask how did I know this information.. After some back and forth it was confirmed that had scammed me with a bait and switch. It is very hard to get through to them, they switch you around and promise to get back to you. Finally the offered to pay for two nights at the Bay Gardens Beach Hotel, if I accept this offer. This is not what I was told that I was booked for, otherwise there would be no problem. Their written policy clearly states that when confirms your reservation at the place that you booked then it is then guaranteed, and DOES NOT HONOR their own written guarantee I WILL NEVER EVER do business with these CROOKS! Trivago seems to be league with this scam and crooked outfit, so I will never ever trust them again either. Beware of this. The management at Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa even mentioned that they have had this sort of situation come up before with

  • Feb 11, 2016

Do NOT use played a very nice game on us. As others have mentioned, their web site does not take payment first time around. It usually requires you to call them. You call and ask about the deal you found and then they send you a link to another (not web site for payment and information about the location. There, you have to be very careful what is listed on the page. The telephone discussion that we had with them was completely different from what we got via email. We said "all inclusive"; they said "yes, all inclusive" on the phone yet on the link they sent via email it was listed as "Room Only". Be VERY careful when you book through them! I would never ever book through them!

  • Feb 3, 2016

What a ripp off

  • Feb 2, 2016

Hi, i used amoma via trivago to book a twin room in a fancy hotel. The room i purchased was a twin room with breakfast. When amoma sent my invoice i noticed that the room was a standard double. I quickly looked into this as that wasn't what i ordered. I wanted a twin room so paid extra for this, there was the option to purchase a standard double at far less money but i thought no, i want a twin room. My grievance is this - i paid for a twin room with breakfast. I was given a double room without breakfast, I later found this out by telephoning the hotel to see if they had my booking) the standard room cost far less on the amoma website at time of choosing the twin room - its all about choice, i had the choice to purchase a standard room with no breakfast for 69.00, i chose to buy a twin room with breakfast for 101.00. Amoma have been highly unreasonable and have threatened to cancel my booking and as the tickets were purchased via a strict 'no refund or modification' booking, ill end up with no hotel and no refund. This is a sophisticated scam in that buyer believes they are getting a good deal or high end/upgraded room until its too late and you realise that you have been booked into bog standard bottom of the range room without any of the finer things that you thought you were getting as part of the price. Something needs to be done about this rip off swedish company - buyer beware, please don't use them, trivago should be ashamed associating themselves with them. Initially it may appear that you're getting a good deal but believe me your not. Don't be out of pocket or left feeling frustrated by these uncouth so and sos!

  • Feb 1, 2016

AMOMA - No customer service

Booked a hotel in Prague, somehow the dates were wrong but didn't realise until the final screen. Immediately contacted AMOMA who gave me the supplier story and suggested I contact the hotel direct to change dates. I did and they agreed to change dates without a problem. SInce that time AMOMA have gone to ground, their idea of customer service is not to answer and then perhaps you will go away. Summary is -I'm £360 down, AMOMA won't respond .

Why does Trivago list a company who, from the other stories I have read, do not deal with customers in an acceptable way? It makes me think about using Trivago in future.

Do not use AMOMA if you want any potential issues resolved

  • Jan 15, 2016

I had a positive experience

I booked a room at the Embassy Suites in Palm Beach Gardens before I read many negative reviews about this company. Needless to say, I was worried that I had made a mistake. The rate that AMOMA advertised was over 50% cheaper than any other website. I figured that I had been screwed. So I called to confirm my reservation at the hotel and the reservation was legit. When I arrived at the hotel I had no problems at check-in and the rate that I paid through AMOMA was honored at the hotel. I would use this company again.

  • May 16, 2016

1st positive experience

after reading these posts I was getting nervous for my upcoming trip to Disney. I booked a room for 7 days with Amoma. I will definitely call hotel before I go on my vacation. Hoping for a positive experience!

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  • Jan 10, 2016

Never again!

Stay away! They never pick up! Call BBB immediately!

  • Oct 16, 2015

Went on trivago, first time and last time, to look for a hotel in philly about a month in advance.. Amoma had the best deal at the sheraton and i had to hurry because they had only 1 room left at this rate.Like an idiot i booked it through them with my credit card. Then i went online and looked into amoma and it wasn't good. All the complaints were the same," when they got to their hotel, the was no record of the reservation". Amoma policy is; if you cancel your reservation you forfeit $60.You forfeit more the closer you get to your reservation date.

The next day i called the sheraton and they had no record of my reservation.I went back on trivago and they still had the 1 room left at that great rate.Tokeep pulling in more suckers like me. I called amoma and they said give it time.11 days later the sheraton still has no record of my reservation. So time to call the credit card company. I'm wondering if amoma in partnership with trivago,makes their money by cancellation fees.

  • Oct 6, 2015

Went on trivago and found a deal at the sheraton in philly through amoma. The hotel has no record of the reservation .Amoma website says don't worry just wait until a few days before your check in date and it should be in their system. I can't take that chance and why wouldn't the hotel have a record of my reservation. I regret using trivago,

  • Jul 26, 2015

Their bank is in France

Their bank is in France.

  • May 6, 2015

Horrible Service

We booked a room though Amoma in New Orleans and had to cancel our reservations. The hotel agreed to cancel our reservations and we have been getting nothing but the run around from Amoma. We received an e-mail that we have been charged for the room and the hotel still has not received the cancellation request from Amoma. Amoma blames it on their "confidential" supplier. Horrible experience! Would not recommend them ever!!!

  • Apr 9, 2015


Do not book through this site! they will steal from you!!i attempted to book a room for 3/16/15 at the orlando doubletree. After i put in my payment info an error popped up and said my transaction could not be completed. I went back in to try to book again and the price had risen drastically. I left the page. A couple days later i noticed my credit card had been charged so i disputed the charge. Then on marc 16, 2015 i received the confirmation for hotel. I also received a call from an amoma customer service rep at approximately 8:30 am asking if i still wanted the room. I had also called the hotel when i saw the charge to see if i had a reservation. The hotel said it did not. They still are insisting its a valid charge and charging my credit card.

  • Dec 1, 2014

After paying the hotellrum they offerered me a 250 Sek discount. But it was a scam from a company named

They took 249 Sek from me insteam. cooperates with this company.

  • Nov 23, 2014


  • May 6, 2016

AMOMA is good and legit

I didn't read any reviews until after I booked with AMOMA. I was very worried that I was scammed. I called the hotel directly two days after booking with AMOMA and my reservation was not there. AMOMA told me to wait another day and check again. I called the hotel again today, and my reservation is in the hotel system and says the reservation is prepaid. I am all good to go. So I think that AMOMA is legit but you should always call hotel directly after booking and just to be sure.

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