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City Rutherford
Address 303 State Route 17 North Suite 800
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AMS Legal Reviews

  • May 1, 2015

Merrill & associates Ams Legal pc We signed up with this company with Leo Diaz before the 1st of April to try and get a loan Modification. We were told that this was a legal company and that while being represented by them we would not loose our home. We were not told to skip payments persay but we were told if we did they would just be added to the back of our modification no worries at all. But we had to miss at least one or two for them to help us. We were told to send three checks 2 post dated and they would be cashed the 15th of each month. We sent them to an address that is other then theirs so we now found out. And that it would be in a BAC account.

We sent all our bank info, pay info everything and was told if we were not canidates they would not of accepted us. We got a phone call the next week from a Erica solis asking for the same info but some of it was for a bank we don't even have. This past sunday my husband started getting emails about this company with 100's of emails attached. We were being told this lawyer Aileen merril Schlitsel was stealing our money and stealing from many clients. Inclueded in the email was the bank account where funds were sent which was an address diffrent from the business and drivers liscense of this lawyer. We became concerned and called our mortgage company and for a month they have recieved nothing in paper work from AMS legal. When we call them the number says Merrill & assoc but they say they are AMS legal and their website changed over night as well.

We called them and would get the machine and it would say leave a message. When we did speak to Aileen she passed this off as a disgruntled employee hacking in and sent this information out. That they had called the police and reported this but I did follow up with the Irvine police dept and they were unaware of this. I have spent 4 days trying to get my account closed with them and my money back. I was told I would not recieve anything for another month because there are 16 people ahead of me for refunds. In the meantime Aileen plays on fb during the day while we call for answers.

Sabrina Castillo was our head processor that finally became concerend after I called for days and said she sent in our packet to our mortgage company. I have called them every day they have not recieved any faxes from them as of today. I waited for days for Eric the one who handles closing the accounts to get back with us. I called back yet again this morning and said I wanted my money he said sorry you have to wait and when I said you have my mortgage payment I need that to fix this he said it's not my problem you chose to pay us instead of paying your mortgage payment.

This was not how the program was explained it's very misleading and almost cost us going into foreclosure if I had not called and taken control myself. And I just did some paperwork with my Mortgage company and I don't qualify for a modification becuase we have to many debts. Which makes no sense to me that's usually why you need a loan modification because things take a turn in your life for a bit. Please watch out for this lawyer and her company. I don't know who they really are their numbers come from New york half the time but they say they are in California. Irvine California

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