Amy Zimmerman & Associates

Country United States
State Aruba
City Torrance
Address 5334 Torrance Blvd
Phone (310) 798-6979

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  • Aug 28, 2014


Ok here is one for the books:

DON'T SIGN UP WITH THIS CHICK SHE IS CRAZY> She sens you out to work, then after you work she complains that she has not gptten paid and does not want to pay you. She has the personality of an ant, and has some looser working for her as a CEO... She screams at you and yells, not very....LIKE REALLY AMY your a crazy J___ B____

Trust me stay as far as you can from this crazy...never again for me what a crazy b______

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  • Jul 11, 2015

This is one sick woman

Sick Sick Sick has no husband has no man maybe that's the problem, she is over the top !!!!!

  • Sep 25, 2014

Worked for a week at an office that they sent me to:

Was told I would be paid after one week. After two weeks nothing. Called the office and talked to Ms. Amy Zimmerman who immediately started yelling at me and told me that how dare I call her and ask for money. She told me I had no class, and had no manners.

She seems to be as the other posting said a real crazy person woman...Not me ever again I walked on her and she told my former employer that I quit. and left her in a bad situation. I did quit she did not pay me she is definitely crazy

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