Amzac Garage Doors, Inc.

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Lexington
Address 1064 Eastland Dr
Phone 859-299-6383

Amzac Garage Doors, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2015

When we laid new asphalt in our garage/driveway, we wanted to have a new garage door installed. Since the garage door was only used occasionally, we certainly didn't expect to have operational issues arise from frequent use or wear and tear when we hired Amzac Garage Door, Inc. to install the new door.

When we would periodically use the garage door, we began having issues with the door bouncing back up when we would try to close it. We read the manual about adjustments, but ultimately had to spend $90 for a service call from Amzac. That $90 repair was short lived and fruitless.....and of course they wanted to milk us for another $90 when we said we were having the same issue!

We realized that they didn't have the knowledge of how to fix the problem, and would continue to have us dish out money if we kept calling them back out. (We had never experienced such dishonesty from any other garage door company in all the years that we have owned homes.) We ultimately had an independant garage door technician come out, and within 5 minutes he nabbed the problem! When the door was installed (by Amzac), they had improperly screwed/fastened the bracket that held the chain drive to the header of the garage! This improper installation caused the track to move, resulting in improper operation of the garage door. And the $90 service charge from Amzac was money down the drain because they never repaired the real problem....which was their own faulty installation!

All consumers in the market for a new garage door, or garage door repair need to beware Amzac Garage Doors!! They are pitiful at installation and diagnosis of problems.....and they won't hesitate to charge you top dollar for their worthless "service calls". Good thing we only fell into their trap once! A good technician knows better than to do sloppy installs, like Amzac does, so save yourself the headaches.....don't use Amzac!

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