Anchor Towing

Country United States
State Maryland
City Gaithersburg
Address 16775 Oakmont Avenue
Phone 301-656-5531

Anchor Towing Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2015

On Wednesday at about 3:50 pm i went to Sichuan Jin River restaurant to get dinner with a friend and then realized that i left my wallet in my car after buying a food item so i went back to my car to get my wallet only to find my car missing ..i then went about looking for a number to call for the tow company... i then had to walk to my lawyers office which was nearby to place a call to the tow company to find out if they had towed my car..upon contact with the tow company i asked if my car was towed by them to which the lady i spoke with on the phone replied no.

she said my car was not a the lot after getting a description of the car a 2014 VW Jetta and told me to call back...but then informed me that i would have to pay Anchor towing a sum of $135 to get my car which time i informed her that i was not going to do any such thing, and that i have a time stamped receipt from the restaurant and that they had no right to have taken my car.

upon getting to Anchor towing i spoke with a manager who was abusive treating and used racial slurs at me calling me names 4 times and said he was going to set his dogs on me..he said i left the property and that was why my car was towed ..

I told him i did not do any such thing..upon which he informed me that the only way i was going to get my car back was by paying him what i owed this point i call the police which came over and said that there was little they could do and that i should file a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General consumer protection division and also the civil rights division...My Complaint is that Anchor towing illegally took my car and rather that return it to me upon the presentation of a receipt from a business i was patronizing and was legally allowed to park in their lot..i was threatened and abused.

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