Angel Rabago, Zaine Lawson, Credita Bull

Country United States
State Denmark
City San Antonio

Angel Rabago, Zaine Lawson, Credita Bull Reviews

  • Jan 3, 2015

Before you do any business with "Angel Rabago" or "Zaine Lawson," do some research.

First of all, when reading the contract he gives you for credit repair, notice that there are many loopholes in the contract. I have personally witnessed him arguing with multiple unsatisfied (screwed over) customers who wanted a refund, and he always has a reason you were wrong or defaulted and he no longer has to pay you. Read the contract... does it even look legal to you? lol

Secondly, I myself am considering bankruptcy due to debt I have because of this man. He got me for minimum 17,000$ to pay off his FELONY probation.. in which he SWORE would be repaid to me. When I left him because the bills kept piling higher and his gambling and drinking worsened, the debts getting bigger, he said he didn't owe me anything because of the years we had together, that if anything I OWE HIM because of all he's done for me. HAha. i'm sorry, but how do you call yourself a MAN to let a single mother bust her ass to pay back your FELONY, your ILLEGAL doings?

For someone who FIXES credit, he has below a 500 score. Mine was a 725 when we met in November 2011. I now have $40,000+ in credit card debt (where he slowly built my credit limits higher so he could use)...and a 540 credit score... gradually he did this over two years. Super con artist. So obvious now I could shoot myself in the foot. He takes advantage of people in bad situations. Including me.. i met him in the middle of my divorce. At age 22. He will lie about everything, talk up his supposed success, his VALUES, INTEGRITY.. etc. Don't believe a word he says and if you invest with him know you are going to lose. Personal or business, this man will screw you, your money, and then show you how it's all your fault.

Don't do business, lend money to, or trust this man.

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