Angela's Bulldogs

Country United States
State Bermuda
City Camby

Angela's Bulldogs Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2015

Angela's Bulldogs in Camby, IN sold us a bulldog puppy who was discovered by 3 separate NJ Vets to have a Level 3 Heart Murmur. Ms. Harbold at first said she was sympathetic and would refund some of the $2500 fee. A few days later, she wrote she wanted to come take the puppy back without refunding us, take him to her vet in IN and then decide to what would be refunded. After saying we did not think that was a good idea, since we had him seen by 3 different vets, she starting accusing us of not being able to afford to care for the pup and that we were in breach of contract and she would file charges against us. We are the owners of the dog and will never return him but others need to be warned that she gave us NO Health Certificate, says her vet did not give her a write up and must have missed this congenital heart defect. In all likelihood, she will be breeding again.

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