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Angies List Reviews

  • May 9, 2014

Angies List called me all the time bugging me to advertise. I spoke to the sales person almost daily right before they wore me down and I thought I would give it a shot. As soon as I signed the paperwork the sales person disappeared. I called him multiple times, texted him and emailed. No response after the very moment he got the contract signed.

A account manager called and I told them how frustrated I was with their practice to evade my phone call until the cancellation period was over. I called BS right from the beginning.

Finally i got annoyed at the lack of concern and follow up. I called to cancel. They said there was an early termination fee. I said OK. I am not settled with this whole process. I explaned my frustration with the account manager and silence fell upon the Earth. No response.

The I started getting past due notices for the balance on the account. I reached out to the collection manager and told her I would make the past due payment of $16.xx. I took a screen shot to prove I was authorizing $16.XX and that was it. They processed two payments. One for the $16.xx and one for the entire balance on the account.

When I confronted the collection manager she became disrespectful and told me that before I call an attorney I better share my signed contract and there is no cancellation time frame since I made a payment. I told her she might want to educate herself on the law. Because there is a right of rescision in all States. Then she shared a screen shot of a make believe screen which was not the screen shot that I took when I made a payment. NOT a hypothetical payment screen shot where I authorize furture payments to be made on the credit card.

I told here it said :IF future payments are made"" and on active contracts which my account is not active. Nor did I sign up for autopayment.

  • May 6, 2014

Angies List does not monitor or in any way stand behind the ratings on their site or their Big Deals.

I used a contractor who had A ratings on this list and many many positive customer reviews. He lied to me, messed up my job and then threatened me when I gave him a bad review. He is still on Angies list with positive reviews which I believe are fake. I do not think Angies List verifies these reviews so they are entirely unreliable.

I purchased one of their Big Deals, after calling the contractor to verify that they would do the job I needed and serviced my area. After purchasing the Big Deal and making an appointment, they called me the day of the apopintment and cancelled, saying they didn't service my area after all.

Angies list put me on hold for twenty minutes while I listened to goofy music and waited to get a refund. I had to call back later and wait again, but this time I got an agent, who told me it will take seven to ten days to refund my money. Why so long? Meanwhile, I have a job not done that I can not afford to have finished until my money is refunded. They did offer to find another merchant in my area to honor the deal but that it could take five days to do this. And they couldn't guarantee it. Since there is only one outfit in my area I decided to call them myself Not only do they not work with Angie's list they were astonished at the 'Big Deal' offer, telling me it was impossible.

I think this was some sort of bait and switch.

You can't trust this site. I was a fool to trust them at all.

  • Apr 22, 2014

A client posted an average report on our company on Angies List. Well, this client never called our company about any dissatisfaction, so we never had an opportunity to respond to the complaint.

This client filed his report 4 months after we did the work.

That seemed odd to me, Why wait 4 months later to file a report on Angies list ? Well, I have recently found out that Angies list has consumers that support them and these consumers will file average to poor reports on companies only to get the business to drive their clients to Angies list.

You see Angies list will file poor reports against companies, because then the only way the company can repair the damage to their company is by getting clients to sign up for Angies list so they can file a good report on the company. This is the ony way the company can repair the damage..

Angies list profits from poor reports against companies, because it drives consumers to sign up for their service. The company is not informed of any poor reports and is clearly violating the civil rights of businesses by not allowing companies due process against any complaints.

The better business bureau informs all companies of poor reports and the companies can respond to these reports before any reports would go public. I believe Angies list is opening themselves up for a multi million dollar lawsuit. You have to allow companies due process against any complaints.

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