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State California
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  • May 29, 2015

I was promised results in 10 days but results came in 21 days. After getting referral from a friend who knew lots of her friends getting results very fast I contacted Pandit Anil Sharma of Pittsburg California USA and opted to use the Caribbean vashikaran spirit magic costing US$6000. My boyfriend of two years had suddenly backed out of engagement and broke off from me for no reason. Pandit Anil promised me results within 10 days but nothing happened in 10 days. He was very patient with me and answered hundreds of my texts at all times of day and night telling me it can happen very soon. It was only after 14 days that my boyfriend contacted me saying he has been dreaming about me, seeing visions of me and being pushed towards me by a unseen force. On 21st day my boyfriend was back begging me to take him back and asking me to promise him that I won’t leave him. I guess I should be happy for the results but it took twice the time that was originally quoted. Later I came to know that most of my friends had results varying from 10 to 21 days. When confronted Pandit Anil said each case is different and he did a miracle for me so I should be grateful. As for me paying that much money I expected faster results!!! The Caribbean magic from Pandit Anil works to control people and make them do what you want but may take more time than what is being quoted to you.

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