Another Beginning LLC

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 3450 W. Cheyenne Ave Ste.100
Phone 855.526.6843

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  • Oct 20, 2014


The whole company is a DISASTER! THEY took all my MONEY and didn't do the job they were supposed to get done! I'm very angered! After I paid him off I never heard from him again! Arthur and his son JR are never in the office and when the are they are so quick to rush you out! They are unprofessional and so is his whole family! There is always constant traffic running in and out that office and a bunch of gangsters hanging out and smoking outside.

I HATE THIS PLACE! They always give you a lame excuse about why they haven't got your file done and one day they even LOST my file! There is always files laying around their office with peoples personal and very confidential information just out in the open! I'm very surprised they haven't been sued yet! Arthur Senior is always YELLING and have bad attitude! My friend who is also a costumer got stood up for her Saturday Appointment. No call no show.

I wouldn't suggest going to this company. They are unprofessional,deceiving,they lack timing,disorganized and absolutely ghetto! I am currently speaking to my Attorney to file a law suit. No one should have to go on a goose chase to get updates on their report or better yet a REFUND! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY!

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