Anthem Education

Country United States
State Congo
City Beaverton
Address 4145 SW Watson Avenue, Suite 300
Phone 877-310-3419

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  • Mar 27, 2015

All happened in 2008 I was 18 interested in going to a trade school to do something with my life.Ended up walking in and got approached like if i was in a car dealership it was the admission guy who makes commision when hooking someone in.How do i know? School is always hiring and i seen they get paid bonuses and commisions..Got talked into and got a presentation of the school i will admit at that time i was impressed comming out of high school eager to make something out of my life.Guy gave me a killer SALES PITCH and hooked me,long story short.I signed the papers and got my own mother to sign away.My mother is spanish and does not understand how the school worked and was defensive.The counselors and staff disarmed her..So it went on...Innitially it was for just computer repair guy showed me average salary was 36k at the time feeding me how much money i will be making and if i do the fake associate degree i would be making 80k. Keep in mind it was 2008 worst times of all in the economy.So i ended up doing the program under my name alone I completed 9 months.I was persuaded to extended just another year with the pitch sale over and over again.THIS TIME I COULDNT DO IT ALONE,I had to get my mother to co sign for the sali mae loan.FUNNY thing is that i have a couple of freinds like Robert And Jorge who are in the same boat.Being young you want to aspire and move on with your life.The pitch sales and promises and life service you would get got me moving emotionally.I kept on with the school And IT was horrible.I got in the school without a High School Diploma or Testing and i can proove it!I was with students who barely spoke English.There was NO HANDS ON only 1 time.After I graduated with my Associate Degree without a high school diploma.I DID NOT GET ANY I.T JOBS LIKE PROMISED.I did however get my resume created.IN DEBT ARROUND 50K in the whole.Contacted the school and career service for help all i can get is advice to pursue more certification.I got certifications after i graduated and still to this day I am JOBLESS IN DEBT WITH Sali Mae harrasing me and my mother to pay back.I have at Least 4 Freinds i can name who will agree with me..Like the students in the school throughout time will say..Florida Career College-THE COLLEGE THAT CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY...So if any Lawyers want to contact me go ahead or someone share your stories...

Thank you

  • Jul 29, 2014

I quit Anthem College Houston a week ago. I was supposed to receive my last paycheck the following week. When I went to pick up my paycheck, I saw that this company (High-Tech Institute) had already deposited it into someone else's account. I have never signed up for direct deposit. Now, they won't pay me my dues until they get the money back from that account. I asked if they would cut me a check as I have rent and bills to pay but they have decided not to pay me until they get their money back. I have no idea how long it's going to take. Karen, the HR supervisor is ignoring my calls and voicemails. I do not know if I will get paid. This is a terrible company. They are keeping me from getting what's due to me. It's not right. I am going to work on taking them to court since they don't want to pay me. Stay away from this place!!! They will make a "mistake" and you will have to suffer for it!!!

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