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City Indianapolis
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Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2015

I recently got a letter stating that my information was accessed by the security breach at Anthem Insurance (Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Amerigroup and Healthlink). I called to ask how my information became part of the security breach because I never signed up with Anthem or its other companies. They told me to call another phone number, which was the number to a company called AllClear. So their answer to me was to give my personal information to a third party company which would watch over my credit.

I called again and they gave me the runaround again but this time they took my information and told me that someone from their fraud department would contact me. The only person that called was a customer rep from AllClear.

The third and last time that I called I asked the customer rep how was it that my information was in their system. She told me that if I ever signed up to get a quote from them in the past. It would stay in the system, even if I never signed with them. Also, if my parents put me down on their insurance back when I was a kid that would stay in the system. I asked if there was an option to be removed from the system or at least have it only accessible by phone or mail. She stated no.

What right does Anthem Ins. have to keep my information permanently and not have it removed? This is completely ridiculous to keep someone’s personal information permanently without their consent. Any attorney and law enforcement should really take a look at Anthem, Ins. because of negligence and data mining. Someone at that company is really making money at our expense.

Also, anyone in charge of security in their IT dept should know that you don’t leave information connected to the internet because it’s not secure. Any security can be bypassed no matter how strong you may think it is. If they really wanted to keep customers information secure, they would remove it from being accessed online and only available via phone or mail.

  • Sep 25, 2014

Anthem did not reimburse me the approved doctor visit and medication for sinus/allergy. C.G.S. states to reimburse within 30 days. to date, have nothing and has been going on since 2012. I have documentation to add via e-mail, please forward an e-mail to help resolve this issue. Thank you.

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