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  • Jul 9, 2014

His lies are catching up with him!

Just go to

You will find everything you need to know! It is proven in court that he is lying and falsifying documents. He harassed and threatened young woman, then he sued with fake contract. He ravaged her reputation in all the papers and now it is proven that he is a lier.

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  • May 9, 2014

Anthony Marini is a professional con man. Stay away!! From him, his delusional movie, and his fake production company AFR Productions. Scam scam scam.

He starts by contacting unsuspecting young actresses through legitimate casting websites claiming to be working on a movie project, I believe he puts out a role that is less desirable, gets girls to reply, then tells them they're better than that. He tells them he has another project, with a much classier role they would be a perfect fit for. There is this extreme urgency to his tone. He says the cast has fallen through numerous times. He is insistent on girls not having a boyfriend because he says it is a distraction, which is usually a big red flag but he does a great job selling it, saying men get jealous when they see a young starlets become successful. He didn't like that I had a boyfriend and told me that if we continue I should lose him.

Next come all the supporting facts. In order to spin his story he has actually written a book which he claims is getting published and he is just waiting on some legal approvals for the release. (This is total BS, there is no book deal, the book is just an easy way to give his ""background"" and keep his story straight) the book sets the backdrop. Marini is a former king pin in the S&M world. In order to make women more comfortable with this he spins that as a business venture and touts his catholic background. He name drops like no other. Claims the book to be the inspiration behind his screenplay ""The Curtain"" he has an actual screen play, and once he has a girl on the hook, he has an actual 12 page legal contract. This contract is full of loopholes and was put together by an attorney several years ago, is sloppy, and is not for a live project. DO NOT SIGN anything! This is a contract full of loopholes, there is no movie but Marini will try and use the contract against you. In the midst of this Marini will drop big names he claims to be attached to the project. Don't buy it. This is all a lie. He will claim actors are backing out. He will claim investors are falling through. And then he will move on to selling dreams to someone else. Who knows how many women he has scammed.

I can can only speculate what the motive here is. Marini is a lonely overweight middle aged man and had to create a fantasy world to get women to talk to him. Regardless, this is a SCAM. Stay away from this man. His production company also does not exist, sans a crappy HTML website.

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  • Jul 19, 2014


To the CUNT that trashed in LIES posted July 9 . Where's the scam . What did this person do wrong ?? Not hire ur no talent ass ?? Get a life ! Mike , Staten Island.

  • Jul 20, 2014

Read the court papers!

Anthony Marini is con artist and thief! Anthony Marini vs Ashley Iocco lawsuit was publicity stunt for his fake book Tales from the Vault and his fake movie Behind The Plastic Curtain. She countersued his ass and now he owes her $1M!

Simply go to and find index # 150189-2012. It is ALL THERE

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  • Jul 9, 2014

Where's the scam??

Where's the scam u stupid bitch ? U trash someone in public but don't have the decency to sign ur name !!!! It seems like ur the shady character not mr Marini. Ricky Grey. Queens ny

  • Jul 9, 2014


Anthony Marini was well respected in the ny club scene for years. I worked for him for 11 years . He's professional considerate and generous. This loser doesn't even point out a scam or a motive. And to criticize someone's weight where its irrelevant to the context proves ur just an asshole. Michael. Mannino

  • Jul 9, 2014


I've worked with anthony Marini for 15 years. His book is real and will definitely be recognized . This bogus complaint is probably from some talentless actress who didnt get hired. Mr Marini is a professional who never disrespects the talent or acts inappropriately . This complaint doesn't even claim there's a scam. If u have something to say that's going to slander someone and damage their reputation , don't be a coward . SIGN YOUR NAME !!!!!

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