Country United States
State Burundi
City Madison
Address 965 Highway 51 N Ste 4-100
Phone 1-800-715-7593

Anthony Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

I received a regular snail mail unsolicited piece of junk from Inet Strategies yesterday. I knew it was a scam before I even opened it. I always search who sends me anything who I never heard of previously. In my internet search, I found that other people filed rip-out reports regarding this so-called company as they also went by Online Strategies, LLc and Internet Strategies.

Online Strategies, LLC supposedly is located at 950 Ebenezer Blvd, Madison, MS

Internet Strategies & Inet Strategies are both listed for the same location as noted.

I never contacted or requested anything from Anthony and Adrian Morrison, supposed owners of this scam, if that is their real names. There was no where to get your name & address off their criminal scam listings. They should not Buy me lunch- THEY NEED TO PAY EVERYONE WHOSE NAMES & ADDRESSES THEY STOLE TO SEND UNSOLICITED CRAP TO. MY PRICE IS One MILLION DOLLARS. I WANT ALL CRIMINALS, LIFE THE DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION SHUT DOWN FOREVER & THE OWNERS PUT IN PRISON FOR LIFE- THEIRS. Also ALL credit card Burureaus should be shut down because whenever you ask for a copy of your report or just to ask them a question, they put you on every marketing criminal list in the United State. THEY SHOW HOW MUCH THEY ARE CRIMINALS BY DOING THIS.

You already have my name & address.

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