Antonio Cardenas Prado

Country United States
State Denmark
City El Paso
Phone 915.593.4971

Antonio Cardenas Prado Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2015

Tony came to me with the investment of a lifetime. A mining venture during a boom time in Mexican mining. Who could say no to that?

Tony Cardenas took 19,000 dollars from me and promised me that in 6 months I would have my money back and then some. I made him an interest free loan in written terms which he signed. He took the checks and cashed them and now three years later I cant get my money out of the man.

He has addresses in Acapulco, El Paso and Lazaro Cardenas. I know this has happened to three other people. If Tony has taken you - the world needs to know about him.

I know there are several people talking to him all the time - but I have grown tired of asking him.

I had a lawyer freind go with me to Tony's office in Lazaro Cardenas and Tony agreeded to sign a promisary note - this note was never signed and I am back to square one without any money back.

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