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  • Jan 28, 2015

Fake trial period to watch movies on your personal computer.

My son is disabled and looked at the movies that were offered and did not see any movies that interested him.

At the time of this complaint, this company despite an e-mail sent to them has stolen $159.80 out of his account.

He lives on a fixed income and did not authorize these withdrawls. I have as of todays date 1/27/15 cancelled his debit card

and frozen his checking account. The bank has also been informed.

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  • Jan 20, 2015

This predatory movie "subscription" website ripped off my minor child for $34.95 for basically nothing. She thought she was signing up for a free trial in November. They ended up trying to charge her the $34.95 in December. She did not have the money in her account so instead of contacting her, they just reran the charge the next month. At that point she did have the money and she was basically out $34.95 for nothing.

When I called them and explained to them my daughter was underage and did not understand that she was putting herself on the hook for $34.95, they said that she should have read the policy before clicking through. I told them it is illegal for them to charge a child for a contract that she is not old enough to legally undertake. They told me that she did something illegal by clicking through and that they have a strict no cancellation policy.

They are sharks that target the young and poor who are unlikely to read the fine print. Their business is a "gotcha" scheme to trick people into spending way too much for online movies. Please do not do business with this company. There are other options that will charge you a fair price (Nxxxxxx is $14.95/mo - a $21 monthly savings).

  • Dec 24, 2014

Once Is All


Was just browsing for a good movie, had to sign my card up to watch (intending to cancel right after). Couldn't find the website to cancel, couldn't reach them via phone or email. Had to dispute the charge, file a fraud report, close my accounts, and open a new one.

  • Dec 13, 2014

This company can't be trusted. I signed up for thier 5 day free trial for $1.00, after veiwing their site, I canceled the same day. They still charged my credit card the premium fee of $39.95 u.s. $46.09 Canadian on 10/18/2014. I even canceled my credit card and

applied for a new card, and some how they have made a second charge of $46.75 on 12/02/2014. Stay away they are bad news.

  • Dec 1, 2014

I just noticed a pending charge of $39.95 on my bank account from ' EastSussex GB.' I contacted my bank to notify them of the pending unauthorized charge. They were unable to locate any contact info and stated I would have to wait for the charge to post before I am able to file a report to remove it.

I searched online, and the only phone number i could find was for a different country. The website claims to be based in Virginia. I never signed up for any services. There is an email address listed. I contacted it. I will be stunned if i receive a reply however.. I have never heard of this company.

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