Apache Manufactured Homes

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Savannah
Address HIghway 69
Phone 918-548-3659

Apache Manufactured Homes Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2014

My 80 yr. Old mother paid cash to Apache Transport/Legacy Homes, thru Keri Ward Sales Manager, and the home was brand new, when brought out but set up never completed, the warranty only goes for 1 year though worthless it has been, the initial install set up of the home was never completed. We have tried every way possible to work with these companies but to no avail, they even set up appointments to complete work, but almost every one is never ever showed up. When first started they did not even have stairs into home and it was sitting 5ft. plus off the ground. This should of been a wonderful enjoyable time for my mohter but has turned the worst nightmare ever. I am guessing that lawyers will not become involved and that is more cash out the door, the service and condition of the actual home has been unbelivable for them to be still in business is beyond me. This company has no ethics and no intention of ever fixing this home. The legacy warranty is virtually non exsistant even though the paperwork suggest and states it has one. So here I am most likely will only have a year or two left with my mother whom has a heart condion and I am stuck spending these days fighting with this company. I beg of anyone thinking of purchasing a mobile home don't and if you must, neverever purchase a legacy home, they are junk, the home is falling apart, it is unleval so walls are cracking ceilings are falling in modeling is broken, it looks like a older home that was negleted.

The carpet and Linolem were stained and torn on delivery along with the ceilings falling in and pipes never installed. The thing is worthless. So in my mother's last years on earth she was ripped off by these people, I am in utter disbeleif as to how they continuely get away with stealing from people there livly hoods that they worked and saved there entire lives for.

I have proof letter after letter, recorded phone calls and more than 100 emails to back this claim up.Any help or suggestions to get this brand new modular home set up and fixed to the actual new state it was suppose to be in would be appreciated. I do know once lawyers are involved the only people that win are the lawyers. We were out $68,000 for a home that was never set up.

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