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  • Jul 23, 2015

On 7/6/2015, I eceived a piece of mail in an inconspictious enveope with no return address. Did not think much about it I just tossed it to the side. The next day as I pick it up and brought it to work. I opened the envelope and started to read the letter and enclosed was a check for $4,180.00 which was suppose to be part of a Sweepstakes winning that I was suppose to have won. I was in shock and in awe of receiving this amount of money. So I called Mr. Jim Scott who advised that the check was good and I could cash i and use it as it was mine. I was able to cash the check at Walmart without a problem. I pretty much assumed that the money was sent so that I could pay taxes on the winning. So, I call Jim Scott back and advised that I was able to cash the check and he gave me 2 names of individuals ta I should send money to in the UK.

This was a red flag but I ignore it and sent the money any way. $995.00to John Anderson and $995.00 to Frank Owens. The address for them was 442 Frank Ave London, UK. He had advised that a Certified Check fo $40,000.00 would be deliverd to my home once the taxes and fees were paid. I was expecting the package at 5:00pm on 7/8. Early on 7/8, Jim Scott said I needed to send more money and have my receipts for th delivery to verify as well as my ID to verify wo I was. I sent another $1200 at that time but it was late in the day so the package got held overuntil the next day. He said that they would deliver the nxt morning at 7:00am. He did not leave me hanging and waiting on the deliver but called me at 7:00am on the dot just as I was about to call him. He of course said that they were held up in traffic and would be about an hours late. So I left for wok and in a while he called and said that I needed to send another $800. for wigh storage fee because the package was not deliver the day be fore it had to be stored. I advise that that was not my problem.

I had sent all they asked, mainly because I really thouht they were on the up and up. I refused to send the other $800 dollars as that was just about what was left from the $4,180.00 They had gotten it all back and I still ws left with nothing. As I thought about it i decided that I had just been a victim of money laundering. I should have followed my first mind and kept the entire $4,180.00. I contacted Jim Scott and told him how disappointed I was that he had mislead me and promised that everything was on the up and up. He said that he would send the money back but I dont really expect to see it. The letter said that the prise need needed to be claimed by July 23rd or it would go back into the jackpot.

  • Jun 24, 2015

Way to screw a 13 year old boy.. He bought Beats by Dr Dre Earphones with his own money.. The Best Buy worker informed him if he bought the warranty for $30 he can return them at any time for a brand new pair. THey could be returned because they had a scratch. Now 7 months later they dont work at all and he doesnt get a new pair. They have to be sent off to be fixed. The warranty is virtually useless. $224 is alot of money for a 13 year old.. No way will apple products be allowed in my home...

  • Jun 9, 2015

Such an awful experience at your Scottsdale, AZ store. Why don't you stand by your products? For the third time in one year my son has a hard drive failure and you have the nerve to charge him for a "new" hard drive!!! It's bad enough you use re manufactured parts. The tech told me you only stand by your replacement parts for 90 days. I guess you have no faith in their success rate either. Than to make things worse, I ask for the District Managers number and I am refused. I guess your management feel they are above speaking to a lowly customer.

  • May 14, 2015

My new Apple iPhone6 (1 week old) fell off the coffee table and the screen shattered. After owning Apple phones 4 and 5 for 4 years with NO issues, the iPhone 6 broke within the first week! I called Apple Customer Service, and even went to two difrerenct Apple Stores and spoke to the Managers, and got the same response. Apple waived any responsibility, and would rather TAKE my monen again. I had to pay out of pocket ($110) or use one of my 2 Apple Care credits + $80 to replace the screen. I chose to not use my Apple Care in case something really serious happens. AppleCare is another only get to use the insurance TWICE??? and it costs you $80 each time? That's not what I call insurance, that's what I call price gouging. From my experiance, the iPhone 6 is clearly inferior, given the screen breaks with little effort. I just finished shelling out $800 for 2 iPhone 6s and Apple Care on May 3, and by May 11, a simple tumble cost me another $110. Fortunately, I plan to return the phone for a full refund since I am within 14 days of the purchase date, and will lose $100 for phone activation, and $110 to repair the screen...but at least I will cut my losses. In my opinion, the iPhone 6 is a rip-off, and Apply clearly does not stand by it's product, otherwise, it would have replaced the screen at their cost given the circumstances. It appears Apple cannot beat the competition, so it makes them phone slimmer by making the glass thinner? at the expense of the CONSUMER who will have to pay for cracked screens. It's a shame Apple has no concept of Customer Service, and would rather hoard all it's cash and charge outrageous prices, then fix the phone at their expense. There is no reason the screen should have's just that plain and simple. The iPhone 6 is hardly a phone, it's a financial liability to own. Buyer Beware.

  • Jul 28, 2014

I am writing this for two (2) reasons: (1) It is the only way to regain a heart-breaking and mind-blowing loss of confidence that I have suffered as a direct result of relationship abandonment post-miscarriage, and (2) If any other woman has experienced something similar, and suffered enormously, at the hands of someone who enjoys a reputation for being, at least superficially, good, kind and ethical in his public life, reinforcing your private doubts about the conduct that caused you such grief.

I have enjoyed a few wonderful, long-tem, committed relationships in my life, which for various reasons, at some point felt like a poor choice with the perspective of a life-long relationship. It was never right or right enough to go all the way, despite tremendous effort, particularly by me, to reverse the negative aspects. I am the type to forgive quickly, remember the positive, which has allowed me to remain a friend (but a real friend) to those few who at one point felt like the center of my universe.

Today, I woke up realizing that I had been abandoned. After having suffering a miscarriage some days ago, realizing the father, my ex-fiance Enzo Biagini (as of right now), to whom I was engaged, had abandoned me in cowardly fashion, without having had the most remote amount of courage to independently raise fears/concerns, but rather, preferred to slip out the back-door; revoking interest in engagement or planning a life together, without ever saying a word.

When I told him how badly he was making me feel about myself, and that I needed to take time to regain my self-confidence, he seemed pleased and relieved. The same man that convinced me to keep his despite its unplanned nature and lack of preparation, and physical risk it posed to its mother (myself) turned into a heartless stranger overnight.

This behaviour mirrors that which he has displayed in his personal life again and again without ever having the emotional aptitude to comprehend that his own recreant conduct has been the cause of deep and repeated torturous hurt to those he owed a duty of responsibility.

Moral turpitude, or crimes that have an inherent quality of baseness, vileness, and depravity with respect to a person's duty to another (or to society) are extremely serious; unfortunately the victim cannot or does not seek retribution because the emotional damage is too embarassing and severe to imagine a third party understanding that she has been treated so poorly. It only reinforces her feelings of weakness, poor self-esteem, and tremendous depression.

Enzo is a wolf in sheeps clothing without the capacity for true or deep emotions. He will destroy you; please do not let him.

  • Apr 16, 2014

Ever since upgrading to the new iOS, I've had all kinds of problems syncing my iPhone to my computer. I've tried contacting Apple's tech support, but they are very unhelpful and completely useless.

One guy tells me it's a problem with the phone, and that I need to reset it (which will erase all data). Another guy tells me it's a problem with iTunes and I should reinstall the software (which will delete my entire music library). Every time I call, I get a different person, and each one has a different answer. Not one of them has actually tried to figure out what the actual problem is, they just ""guess"" and tell me to reboot or reinstall or something.

It seems impossible to get hold of someone with actual technical knowledge who can actually troubleshoot and find out what the problem is before recommending a remedy. So frustrating!!

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