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  • Feb 17, 2015

The following account is pulled strictly from email as well as text and chat messages between me and the involved APR employees. Screenshots and photographs can be provided upon request.

On 9/3/13 I was approached by an APR employee, Joel Schurtz, Operations Engineering Manager, if I was interested in helping him sell parts from his 2012 Golf R he put up for sale. The vehicle had numerous sample parts given to him as part of his employment with APR. Several items were offered up for sale such as an intercooler, numerous downpipes, wheels as well as motor mounts. Joel agreed to sell me the VWR motor mount set for $350 as part of a deal for me helping him sell two downpipes for $350 each. The entire VWR motor mount set is roughly $950 in full retail value so purchasing them at a price of $350 is highly desirable.

On 9/4/13 the deal was confirmed for the mounts.

On 9/6/13, Joel indicated that he found a new subframe mount in his desk and indicated that it would be given instead of removing the subframe mount in his vehicle.

On 9/8/13 Joel contacted me and indicated that he found a buyer for the vehicle that wanted it with all the modifications. He then mentioned that he had another set of mounts and that our agreement for 2x APR GTI downpipes to be sold to a third party and one set of VWR mounts to be sold to me was still good.

On 9/13/13, payment was sent in full for the 2x APR downpipes and VWR motor mount set to Joel’s paypal account in the amount of $1050. The deal was yet again reiterated before sending payment as he requested that it be done through gift.

Given that my vehicle was there for other work and I was expecting to pick it up within a few months, I requested that he just put the mounts inside the vehicle rather than shipping them out.

On 10/24/13 Joel indicated an issue with the mounts. He claimed that the mounts he had on hand were for a VR6 engine and would not work on my 2.0t. He said he could acquire another set of mounts when their shipment arrived from VWR.

On 12/12/13 I inquired about the status of the mounts and was told that they were still on backorder.

At this point I was running into issues with APR regarding completion and delivery of my vehicle.

On 1/18/14 I offered to just take the mounts without having them installed by APR. No specific response to that point

On 2/12/14 I inquired about the mounts yet again after seeing that APR no longer sold VWR parts. I was met with the response “We're about to get divorced from VWR” referring to the eventual litigation between the companies. No acknowledgement regarding the situation of my mounts.

There were ongoing issues regarding the completion and delivery of my vehicle.

On 5/1/14 I received an email from Doug McClintock, Shop Manager of APR confirming the status of the mounts and that they had located a set.

On 5/6/14 I received a message from Joel indicating that the COO of APR, Johnny Petrina, wanted to call me regarding delivery of my vehicle as well as the mounts. After speaking with Johnny over the phone, I was informed that they could not provide the mounts to me (now knowing that it had to do with litigation between APR and VWR), but that he could offer an alternative. Tired of the back and forth, we agreed that APR would provide a set of 034 Motorsport motor mounts.

After my vehicle was delivered to APR’s distributor in CA, the distributor noted that new mounts were not installed.

On 5/22/14 I received a message from Doug that the 034 mounts were on backorder but that they would ship directly to me when 034 received more inventory.

“On another note, I placed an order weeks ago for the 034 engine and transmission mounts, as per our discussions and your discussions with Johnny. They are still back ordered, but the moment they are available, they will ship to you.”

I never received any mounts.

The transaction went from a deal between me and an APR employee to somehow involving APR management and APR taking responsibility for providing alternative mounts.

On 12/1/14, APR lists all VWR inventory on their website under clearance for 50% off. When I inquired about the newfound inventory, APR had a pallet of VWR goods in their facility for many months while the companies were in dispute. APR sold many of these mounts to customers at this price, but neither Joel nor APR fulfilled the original agreement of providing me a set of VWR mounts or 034 mounts for $350.

On 12/5/14 I contact Joel and indicate intent to file a small claims suit for the amount of the mounts. He indicates that he will get me the mounts.

On 12/16/14 I contact Joel about the mounts and he indicates that APR has sold the rest of the inventory. He indicates that he will either find mounts or get them from VWR. He also indicates that he gave Doug the money for the mounts and physically pulled them from inventory and put them in my vehicle.

On 1/5/15 I contact Joel yet again regarding the mounts. He says he’ll do what he can.

On 1/6/15 I inquire about the mounts and am met with “I don’t know what to tell you”

On 1/10/15 I yet again inquire about the mounts and Joel suggests “Im sure if you email Kyle and ask politely and promise not to post anymore he'd do it”

On 1/29/15 Joel indicates that I’m in the right about the situation regarding the mounts.

At this point it has been over a year since I’ve paid Joel for these mounts and the situation has been obfuscated and dragged on for so long that it is difficult to determine who is willing and legally responsible for not delivering the mounts. I was under the impression that I was directly purchasing these mounts from Joel Schurtz until the COO of APR contacted to inform that they could not sell them to me due to their situation with VWR, yet the mounts were not provided to me when APR resolved their issues with VWR and put their inventory on clearance. Neither Joel nor APR is willing to do a “no strings attached” refund.

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