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Phone (972) 701-8826
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  • Dec 10, 2014

Health Care Strategies/Aprima RCM is located at University Plaza, 275 W Campbell Rd, Richard, Texas 75080. The company allows for flexible work schedules. Employees are permitted to dress business casual or casual. Once a month is employee appreciation day.

But there is more to Health Care Strategies/Aprima RCM than meets the eye. From my personal experiences within Carrie's department the training and supervision at Health Care Strategies (HCS) is abysmal, passive-aggressive, and grueling. The billing software called Aprima takes too long to learn and master which can take at least a few months. There are too many intricacies to the software and then when you eventually learn and master the processes it's still tedious, grueling, and time-consuming. The work is very fast-paced, grueling, and excessive for the given time-windows and for the low wages that I was given. In my experiences there the software was unhelpful, inefficient, and not user friendly nor did it simplify the multitude of convoluted billing procedures and projects that one is expected to do within a short amount of time. For example printing a claim takes multiple tedious steps to follow, as with everything else that should have been simplified.

The first few months on the job I had to depend on my busy and overwhelmed co-workers to train me on nearly everything which was inefficient and unpleasant. The trainers often left out pertinent steps which caused the work projects to be delayed or marked with severe errors. One particular co-worker known for being disgruntled on occasion would have offensive and distracting emotional meltdowns in front of me and she would cuss in my presence making it a hostile work environment. The senior manager was rarely available and when she was available she obfuscated the instructions, was short with words, and appeared to be especially scatterbrained. The senior manager also issued a written warning against me for politely voicing work project concerns with a co-worker which should have been addressed earlier with competent leadership, complete guidelines, and better project organization.

The disrespectful management and team lead in Carrie's department tried to repeatedly set me up to fail on convoluted billing and coding work projects that required diligence, foresight, and complete directives. In fact they even made easy work projects as convoluted as possible by obfuscating and leaving out pertinent directions and instructions. Management and the team lead in that department were ungrateful, unapproachable, and disrespectful to me and they would not give me adequate and complete instructions until after mistakes and misunderstandings had been made. On other occasions they mocked me in bullying and startling ways and continued to communicate partial instructions in a disrespectful and ditzy manner. I was passive-aggressively set up to fail multiple other times when they assigned poorly qualified or disgruntled co-workers to train me on intricate billing and coding work projects that required absolute and thorough guidelines and directions. I was not formally trained in resolving or mediating customer complaints so as a result patients and customers have even complained in excruciating detail about the poor customer service. Some customers complained to me that they had been displeased with the billing department for a long time and had complained on prior occasions.

After several months there it was clear that my work projects were poorly scrutinized by employees who were unqualified to do so, policies were changed or not followed, mixed messages and doublespeak were executed against me on a regular basis, petty problems were exacerbated into tribulations, I have been made to look inconsistent and then blamed for it all behind closed doors, those supportive of me were discredited, a hostile environment of confusion and unfairness was created, and I was given work projects that I had not been thoroughly prepared to assume leading to misunderstandings, mistakes, and failures. Management and the team lead in my department withhold recognition, encouragement, and pertinent information regarding deadlines which causes a vicious cycle of poor productivity and a hostile work environment. I believe that I suffered through a hostile work environment, constructive discharge, and gender and ethnic discrimination. I noticed many times that other co-workers were permitted to discuss and ask questions about matters concerning work projects while I was penalized with the silent treatment and verbal and written warnings when I requested complete guidelines and thorough directives.

I cannot have personal or professional growth at this disappointing corporation. The workplace environment is offensive, perplexing, and stifling as some employees and supervisors are duplicitous, ungrateful, frequently grumble, use the silent treatment, and throw offensive tantrums. Even worse is that Health Care Strategies/Aprima RCM did not pay me a living wage for all of the grueling paper work, customer resolutions, and convoluted billing procedures and projects that I had to complete. The duplicitous senior manager kept piling additional work projects on me without discussing raises, promotions, bonuses, or the opportunity to work full-time hours which was offensive and unfair to me.

Management need to learn about labor laws and anti-discrimination laws. They desperately need to learn and apply new management and leadership skill sets. They especially need to pay a living wage and discuss rewards and promotions with those who are expected to do more work projects. They need a code of ethics. The vice-presidents need to fire passive-aggressive, disrespectful, unproductive, and unprofessional supervisors and team leads.

For more information on employee rights and laws contact the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division about employment discrimination at 888-452-4778 or 512-463-2642.

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