Aqua-Tex Companies

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Hammonton
Address 1512 Mays Landing Rd
Phone 609-567-8280

Aqua-Tex Companies Reviews

  • May 19, 2015

I purchased my mobile home in february 2011. I did not take full possession or permanently move in until Novemer 2014. When I moved in, there was water. Assuming it was on a well, I never gave it a second thought. Then on May 7, 2015, I come home and have no water. I find out there is no well and service was turned off by the water company, Aqua Tex. I call immediately and request a application for new service. I receive it via fax, fill it out and return it via fax thru my local bank. I call the next day to ask when my water will be turned on. I am told they did not receive my faxed application, even tho i have a confirmation from my bank it was successfully transmitted. I go back and have my bank fax it again. In the meantime, people from Aqua Tex or contracted by them, came out and installed a new water meter. I am told all i have to do is hook up my water line to their meter and i do so. I turn the water on, check for any leaks, had none and thought...job well done. I come later that evening and discover once again I have no water. I call the number on business card that was left and was told to contact Aqua Tex, they needed additional information. I again fax 4 additional pages to them. I call them again to make sure they received them and when my water would be back on. I was told to call Aqua Tex, again. I did and thats when I just about fell thru the floor. They (Aqua Tex), inform me there is a past due accumulation amount, so far...of $4,300.00. I was dumbfounded. I explained i bought the place in 2011 but did not permanently move in until November 2014. They did not care. I was told since i purchased the property in 2011 I was responsible for all prior usage and dollar amount from 2011 up to now, May 2015. I am a widowed 56 year old women on social security disability. I have to stretch my check each and every month to survive. Number 1, i am not responsible for any charges except for the date I moved in which is Nov. 2014 to current date of May 18 2015. Now all i can say is if I have used $4,300.00 in 7 months, there is a bigger problem then i thought and dont think I want or can afford Aqua Tex, services. Ive talked to several people in our housing addition and out of all of them not one single person is happy with Aqua Tex. I swear atleast every other month we are on a boil water notice. Major water blowouts, like shooting water from old and broken lines. Making me think for every blowout, water wasted, is that where the $4300.00 Is coming from ? Are they (Aqua Tex) passing their expenses off to unsuspecting customers. I refuse and i will fight this to the end. So until we all who are unfortunately stuck using Aqua Tex stand up , voice our dissatisfaction and outrages monthly billings about this they will continue to rip us off. We have to fight for our rights.

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