Arco Am/pm

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7262 Ft Apache Blvd
Phone (702) 651-0007

Arco Am/pm Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2015

On 6/12/15 around 1030pm, I tried to use the cash machine at the pumps with the intention of getting $40 at pump #6. I had 2 newer $20 bills in hand. The machine refused the first one twice so I switched to the other bill which it accepted. I hit enter to go pump and nothing happened. I went inside and spoke to the clerk to find out if the $20 showed credited on pump #6 and he said no. I told him I put money in the machine. Without explaining anything more, he asked me if I tried a few times before it took it and I said yes, so he said that happens all the time and gave me a paper bag to put my name and number on. He said they'll call me in a week or so when they pull the money if they find my money. I asked how he would know it was my money if they waited a week to pull it? He didn't know. All he knew was that they do it so often that that's how it's done. Well, that's a problem! How much money do they steal from people every week? My concern is not so much about my $20 which I'm sure I'll never see again, but about the fact that this is going on constantly across the country and has been for years. I was amazed at all the stories I found on it! Someone needs to hold Arco AM/PM accountable and have them update their machines.

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