ARCO Oil & Gas Co.

Country United States
State Belize
City Sun Valley
Address 8345 Glenoaks st
Phone 818.767.7317

ARCO Oil & Gas Co. Reviews

  • Nov 1, 2014

Arco Gas station 83374 on Oct 28, 2014 at 16:54 pm insude the stire, I purchased $14.51 cash of 87 octane gas at pump #3. I started fueling and wLked to the trailer to check on my horse in the trailer. I came back around, fueling has stopped. Fuel Pump read $20.00. That's odd since i purchased 15.41 cash for the gas inside to the cashier. Didn't receive enough gas-should have been 3 gallons. I was towing my horse trailer. I noticed the fuel gauge hadn't moved AT ALL after purchasing the gas.

i have my receipt. The cashier was reluctant to give it to me and i had to ask several times. The time was 16:54 on Oct 28. 2014. Receipt number 3093575

under that is reads "i JUNE" but it was a male cashier, not a lady. This man was either Armenian or Mexican.

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