Arizona Home Insurance Company

Country United States
State American Samoa
City Phoenix
Address 300 W. Clarendon, #405
Phone 1 (800) 696-7221

Arizona Home Insurance Company Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2014

This insurance company obviously only likes people who pay for their policy without ever making a claim. I received a Notice of Non-Renewal after one single claim that they even denied.

The claim was for a leak on my roof after a storm. After they denied coverage I fixed it myself with torch down roofing material and since then I never had a problem with the roof anymore. Even after several days of strong rain that turned our street into a river there was not a single drop of water coming through the roof. However, when it was time to renew the policy I received a letter from this company that I had to pay a licensed contractor to replace the (entire !!!) roof and provide them with a bill showing that the roof had been replaced. What a BS - they would not provide coverage for roof damages and still take that for a reason not to renew. to me this looks like they want to send out the message "Dare you try to make a claim - we will show you what is going to happen !"

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