Arkady Bukh

Country United States
State Chile
City Brooklyn
Address 1123 Ave Z
Phone 7183764766

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  • Jan 4, 2015

I hired Mr.Bukh because he promised me that the case will not cost me more than $6,000 - unless it goes to trial. He said the same exact this about my second case. He immediately assigned my cases to his associate, who was the worst attorney imaginable. Right away Mr.Bukh's people started calling me daily to "remind me to submit documents" even though there was zero need for that, and he started charging me for every such call. When my fees reached and went WAY over the promised $6,000, i started asking questions, and he vigorously denied what he promised me. He even has a whole position - a guy who is trained to deny everything. When I confronted him about eh excessive fees, he simply dropped my two cases in the middle.

He even managed to remove my reviews. When I kept posting the truth about him, he offered a tiny refund on my fees, Guess what - he lied about the, too.

This guy's operation is designed to cheat and to manipulate and to get as much $ from you as humanly possible. He, clearly, does care about your case, he can just drop it - even though I paid over $9,000 instead of the promised $6,000.


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  • May 15, 2014

"I've had THE WORST experience out of all the lawyers I've ever hired: he is extremely manipulative and dishonest, he did a very illegal ""bate-and-switch"" to me - TWICE!!! His colleagues called me every day to ""request documents"" and then charged me for every call, he charged me - hours!!! -for ""studying similar cases"" as they told me later - all while ""forgetting"" to study another law suit that was directly related to mine. I've never seen such a greedy and manipulative and dishonest person. He has a person in his staff to deal only with the complaining customers who has a hwile bunch of lied ready to tell. I left a feedback for him on, and - believe it or not - managed to remove it!!! - lying to them that I was never his client!!! - all while I have a signed contract with him!!! I had to submit the review on again, and he AGAIN tried to remove it, this time unsuccessfully. It just tells you a lot about what kind of person he is. My advise - RUN!!!!!!!!!

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  • May 1, 2014

Arkady bukh and his entire team is running a TERRIBLE operation. HE IS A SCAM ARTIST taking advantage of people situations. He has an ex-con sitting in Russia who locates cases for him and he solicits the families and them. Be careful when considering his services. Read all reviews. Most are FAKE REVIEWS. He has attorneys working in his office that have been disbarred or are convicted felon. He takes advantage of his clients in every way possible. He has sales agents (like car salesmen) that will say whatever it takes to get you to sign the retainer. Make sure the retainer is as detailed as possible regarding the services you are considering him for. He does not handle cases on his own. He passes them on to other underpaid attorneys. These associates have an intense case load and are only there to keep you going in circles. I have been working with them for 2years and they had no paperwork on file on my case. I had to keep asking them to get the paperwork from court and every time they would call me to pay them to get the paperwork although i have a flat fee retainer. TERRIBLE ATTORNEY!! FAKE REVIEWS!! FAKE CREDENTIALS!!

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