Armando ( Laaio) Mantilla

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Miami
Address 4001 SW 152nd ave

Armando ( Laaio) Mantilla Reviews

  • May 12, 2014

Armando Mantilla also known as Laaio, owner of Bello Italia and IKO sushi

Armando (Laaio) have repeatedly given the same partnerships over and over again to qualified sushi chefs in the Miami area. His restaurant Bello Italia has a small sushi bar in where he finds sushi chefs, tells them that a partnership can be formed in where a percentage of all sushi sales are given to you.

He then makes you works for free and tells you to make food for his family, creating free labor. He only has a small sushi bar because he is tired of eating Italian and Pizza everyday. He then says he will pay you on a weekly basis and to keep track of all your sales and short ends you down the road. He knows his sushi doesnt sell in the restaurant and only good for his family.

Laaio has a bad record of not paying his empoyees on time and owes the chef and waiters a ton of backpayment from previous months.He has many people trying to give him a loan but is very unsuccessful.

He also sells beer and wine without a beer license and stores a staff of undocumented people inside the restaurant to work. He also drinks liquor and use drugs in his office.

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