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  • Apr 2, 2014

As a lot of people have, my girlfriend (Lynn) and I (Keith) used to watch Flip with House on A&E. There were a lot of times that we thought that would be great, Flipping Houses and making all that money.

Well some time had passed, it was either late May or early June (2010) and Lynn tells me she had seen an infomercial for Armando Montelongo Seminars. FREE, FREE, FREE hurry before all the seats fill up and you miss your chance. We checked it out and figure its free and in our home town, let call and get our seat, ok done.

On June 14th, 2010, at the Hilton in Santa Rosa CA. we attended Armando Montelongo Seminar.

We get there and they had sandwiches, sodas and chips, I remember thinking cool got some free food. Then we meet the speaker Lance Robinson, supposed right hand man for Armando Montelongo, and he proceeded to baffle us with BULL S**T.

Part of his (Lances) opening spew was that he is not a Professional Speaker (that turns out to be a pile of, well you know). He went on and on about no money no credit out of our pocket. Lance told us stories of making it to the big time in real estate as well as the lows in his life. After a couple hours Lance started in on the sales pitch, How would you like to be Mentored, We will take you by hand and walk you through the first deal. After the Blah, Blah, Blah for a while, it all came out, Federal law says we have to put new success stories on our infomercial every 90 days and the next infomercial will be filmed in Sonoma County CA. This is why we are willing to offer you a terrific deal (somewhere in the middle of all that, Lance had talked about a Land Trust and how they cost about $2500.00).

So here is the deal, the first 12 people to the back table and sign up for the 3 Day Workshop will only pay $1497.00 as opposed to the retail price of $3000.00 and We will take you by hand and walk you through the first deal, plus whoever owns property will receive a Land Trust valued at $2500.00. Isnt that a great deal? Well I certainly thought it was. Lynn and I were the first ones at that table.

Needless to say, we wrote a check to pay in full for a 3-Day Workshop Package in Santa Rosa CA. on July 9th' 10th and 11th. After paying, we received a workshop certificate and two money back guarantees. It was to include meals, 3 days of mentoring with one of four multi-millionaires, and many other benefits. This was also to include a real estate hotline support staff and about three weeks later we received our Master Home Study Course.

So off we went to the 3 day workshop in July of 2010 in Santa Rosa CA. Here's what happened:

Bob Venter introduces himself, and proceeds to let it fly, how many of you want to be filthy rich? Well youre in the right room.

For almost two days, Bob talked and talked, never really saying all that much. He had touched on one way to Flip a House with no money, no credit and you did not buy or own the house (it didnt make much sense). He/they (Bob & A.M.S.) also wants you to make the deal and then find the money; they say this over and over. From what I understand thats illegal, I believe it is called either Breach of Contract or Bird Dogging.

This whole Armando Montelongo Seminars was supposed to be about flipping houses with no money no credit; instead, I would be willing to bet that at least 95% of the Armando Montelongo 3 Day Workshop was on credit and someone elses at that. This was more about increasing your credit card limits and lowering your interest rates then it was about Flipping Houses.

This guy Bob Venter told everyone in the room that he had to get X amount (I think he said $35,000) of money to make some deal. He goes to his parents gets their Visa and charges it. Ok he says, I made the deal but now I dont have any money to fix the place (another $35,000, I think is what he said). He tells us he goes back to his parents and gets their Master card, pays off the Visa with the MC and charges the repairs with the Visa. There were countless examples of situations like that. That is only one of the many ways Bob & A.M.S. wants you to burn all your family and friends and clean out any resource you may have.

Alright moving on, there was no food as promised. That sucked because we were at the Hilton up on the hill in Santa Rosa, CA, where half of a turkey sandwich and a bag of chips is $13.00. The lunch is the least of my worries.

So, remember at the first seminar, how we were to be taken by the hand by one of four multi-millionaires and walked through our first deal?

Around 5:00 P.M. on the second day he (Bob Venter) starts in on how we get our hand held on a bus ride with Armando Montelongo for the rate of $23,995.00 or a Mentor for 3 days for $18,995.00.

So now, Bob starts a video about the Bus Tour, Armando Montelongo pops his self on the screen and (in a lot more words) says if you want to be rich you have to take this Bus Tour with me and Ill walk you through the deals. When video ends there is some definite chatter. I was in the first row, and Bob says isnt that a great deal? I said no, do you try to rip everyone off? Bob proceeded to say if you have questions please go to the back tables and speak to one of the Mentors and they will answers. Lots of other people besides me had questions, but they had no answers.

I did not planned to get scammed into a $1497 sales pitch, or inspect to get escorted out Sunday morning after quietly writing our complaint. Im upset and I want every penny back. That is including my time off work, the lunches we had to buy, the gas it took us to get there and back.

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