Armchem International Corp

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 3563 NW 53rd Court
Phone 8008860423

Armchem International Corp Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2014

The sales rep from Armchem walked in to my office like 1.5 years ago, he told me if I purchased toilet paper, soap, and paper towels from them I will get free holders/dispensers for each one. I purchased liek $200 worth of product that lasted me over 6 months, and actually the soap I still have some items left.

I tried contacting the company to order and they never called back. Couple of other sales reps told me they were going to come in to get my order, and never did. After a few months when I needed all items I started ordering from somewhere else.

1.5 years later someone from company called and said what do you need to order? I was like uhhh.. nothing I already started ordering from another company because I haev tried in getting in touch with you guys and no one ever contacted me. She said well you need to return the dispensers/conatiners and I said, sure why don't you come and pick them up; even though your sales rep told me I just had to place that first order in order to get dispensers/containers. They said no, we are not responsible for that and they send me a bill for the dispensers/containers.

THey are a scam, do not buy from them... their prices are like 4 or five times higher than any other company, so just purchase the dispenser and buy items somehwere else.

  • Jul 13, 2014


I have been an employee of armchem for 12 years. Always has been a great successful place to work and make a career

  • Jul 10, 2014

I was hired by Armchem to represent them as a sales person covering LI NY and NJ.I signed a contract for $400.00 par week salary, plus commission.I met the sales manager John Catalano in Ronkonkoma,NY on January 7.2014 for training which entailed driving him around to accounts in the area that had previously done business with Armchem because he was from Florida and relied on me because he was unfamiliar with the locations of these accounts.After traveling with me for two days,January 7 and January 8.Mr Catalano informed me that he did not think I was "right "for the job.We mutually agreed that I would be payed for the two days I also spoke with human resources and told them that I was promised the two days pay and was told that the rrequest would be sent to management.As of this date,Feb 3,2014,I have not been payed.Sincerely,Michael -Weehawke,NJ,07086.

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