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  • Mar 30, 2015

I am still in the middle of a terrible experience with this company, which I am still trying to get resolved. After browsing just a few reviews on this company, I now know that I am not alone in my experiences, and I wish I would have known before I placed my order. I encourage everyone to NOT order from this company.

I ordered one item online about six weeks ago. The item supposedly shipped a few days later via USPS and I was able to track my order online on the USPS tracking site. A few days later, the USPS site showed that delivery had been attempted while no one was home and that the mail carrier had left a slip. Strangely, I had received no slip, but figured it was a mistake and the next day and I went to the post office to hopefully retrieve my item. On my way out of my house, I ran into my mail carrier who said he realized I was supposed to receive a package but he hadn't seen it and did not know where it was.

This was the first sign that something was off. I had supposedly been left a notice but my regular mail carrier knew nothing of it! It seemed that he was aware that a package was supposed to come to my address, but he never had possession of it to attempt delivery. So, why was the USPS site showing that delivery had been attempted if my mail carrier was saying he never had the package in the first place??

This was sounding strange, as nothing like this had ever happened to me before. It is normal for me to be at work when deliveries come, and my carrier just leaves a notice and I go pick it up the next day. But still, I figured it would be at the post office when I got there.

I went to the post office, and they could not locate the package, even though it was supposed to be there according to the tracking info on the USPS site. The postal workers searched at length, and then I spoke to a manager who said that perhaps it had been taken out for delivery by my carrier. But, I had already spoken to my carrier and I told the manager about how the carrier said that he never saw it. She even called the carrier on his cell phone to confirm that this was true. So, the manager got my information and said she would investigate further.

A couple of days went by, and I hadn't heard anything from USPS. Meanwhile I emailed customer service at to say I never received my package. They emailed back and said that it is at the post office for pickup, which was of course what was showing on I explained the situation and how the post office could not find it. Armynavydeals said that the post office would need to report it as lost before they could send me a replacement, which is what I was asking for.

I decided to go back to the post office and see if they could help. I spoke to a different manager and again he tried to look for the package. Ultimately, the post office could never find it but said they could not mark it as lost but that the retailer could call to confirm that it was in fact lost.

I told all this via email to Armynavydeals. They said they would have to submit a claim to USPS and once that was finalized they would send me a new item. I already wasn't happy with this response, since most companies will immediately send a replacement if an order has been lost by the shipping company. However, I figured I would receive my item soon enough so I began to wait. This was right around a month ago, and a little over two weeks since I had originally placed my order.

After waiting about a week with no word from the company, I called and spoke to someone in customer service. I said I wanted my item to be shipped immediately. This is where I began a series of emails back and forth with the company that are continuing to this day with no resolution in sight on behalf of the company.

Each time I email or call the company I am put off, told they need to wait, etc. First, they needed to wait for USPS to confirm the claim. Then, the manager was not in to authorize a refund or reshipment. They say they will get back to me the next day but they never do. I finally asked for a refund instead of replacement, and again continued to be put off. About a week and a half ago, I was again told that they needed until that Friday to wait for the USPS investigation to conclude, at which point they would refund my money. It has been 9 days since that Friday with no refund in my account.

Finally, today, I called the credit card company to resolve this matter, since clearly it is not being resolved by the company itself. The CC company will do an investigation and hopefully refund me soon. However, I am deeply concerned that this company is conducting business in this way.

After reading reviews on this and other sites, evidently it is a common occurrence with this company for packages to never show up at the purchaser's house, and then the refund is very difficult to obtain, if it is ever obtained at all!

This is such a strange series of events that I have begun to wonder if this company is somehow fraudulently gaming the system to profit by making false deliveries and subsequent claims, thus robbing both the consumer as well as USPS! Could they possibly be hacking into some USPS system, or taking advantage of some glitch, to make it appear that something has been shipped, when, in fact, it never was?

I hope this company is investigated in more depth. I will be reporting this matter to all relevant consumer protection agencies.

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