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  • Oct 17, 2014

A warning to all companies considering doing business with Arrivo Leather Industries of Pakistan. (seven months pregnant and owner of in Australia is the latest victim of a rip off by Arrivo Leather Pakistan and its CEO Jamal Ghaznavi. Through of a string of errors and broken promises and failure to supply goods in order and on time, a mum-to-be is now financially ruined due and her baby at risk from the stress caused by Arrivo Leather and their ruthless and unethical business methods. After negotiating with the company to supply leather diary covers for a forthcoming deadline Arrivo Leather was given the go ahead to produce the diaries and start what would be a fruitful business relationship. The promises made by Arrivo Leather included supplying 2,000 leather diaries by November 7, treating her like one of the family and not burning her were some of the empty promises Arrivo Leather made to gain her confidence. The problem started when she was forced to pay for the goods upfront prior to shipment. The CEO, Jamal Ghaznavi explained this was a requirement of the Government of Pakistan. A lie. He also offered the guaranteed deadline of 30 days for production and 7 days for delivery. Another lie. All her communications and agreements stated the pressing time issue. Needless to say, once Arrivo received the money, the phone calls and communication dried up and production did not begin or end on time. Arrivo Leather failed to produce the goods on time and to add insult to injury, when they did deliver only 30% of the goods, three weeks late, nearly every piece was found to be damaged, faulty and unsaleable. These glaring issues of failing to meet the deadline and supplying unsaleable goods were ignored by Arrivo Leather and when they were asked to return the money weeks after the deadline. CEO, Jamal Ghaznavi stated they have A policy of No Refunds. Others would call it fraud or a rip off. The only offer Arrivo Leather could make was to remake the diaries in an undetermined time. As this would take more time and the deadline was more than 3 weeks past due and all business for Wintersun had cancelled, this was not an option. She has been forced to refund all forward payments from clients and had orders cancelled as she wasn't able to deliver by the deadline. As well as all the printing costs, business set up fees and shipping fees, Wintersun will have to close and now has a poor reputation for failing to supply goods to its customers. All of this, just for choosing to deal with Arrivo Leather Industriees and Jamal Ghaznavi and Shahid Mohammed. Take this as a formal warning. Anyone can get ripped off and the nicer the company is to you in the beginning the more cautious you should be. For further comment and an in depth interview please contact on (((ROR REDACTED PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) Felicity North strathfield

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