Art Zulu

Country United States
State American Samoa

Art Zulu Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

Stay clear from this company, oringally known as Art Zulu, situated in the Garment Distict Manhattan. I then discovered through one of her new current employees (poor sod) that she has sneakily started a new company called 'Shimmer Creative'. Lora S. Flaugh is both the companies founder and CEO and should be awarded for best actress award. She will tell you you whatever it is you want to hear when it comes to payment time, knowing full well she cannot afford to pay you al along. Hard working employees are treated un-farely and disrespected on a daily basis and then not even getting paid. She will bring in international interns and employees, leading them on from the beginning, offering to sponsor them illegally at there own cost and then use them for free labor. Constantly puts employees in awkward situations and been made to cover for her lies and dishonest behaviour towards clients. This company needs to be stopped, she is getting away with theft and dragging innocent people into her act. She is under going so many law suits at the momeny from previous employees and clients who she is owing money too. I have had employees come to me asking for advice on my time at Art Zulu and I have been nothing but honest and advised anyone against it. If anyone wants to make it in the fashion industry and have any self respect as a designer they would not be working for such a woman, who has no clue about what designing even consists of. I'm certain this is why she has ditched her pathetic exscuse of an old company Art Zulu and started up 'Shimmer Creative'. Im almost certain this is going to be a flop! Stay clear at all cost people!!

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