Arthur Air Conditioning

Country United States
State Florida
City Oldsmar
Address 801 Stevens Ave
Phone 813-803-0052

Arthur Air Conditioning Reviews

  • May 14, 2015

We purchased a 10 year labor/service warranty from Arthur Air Conditoning. I called them and they promptly made an appointment for a service call the next day. When I mentioned the warranty, they canceled the appointment, leaving my family to swelter for three days. The employee "Jenny" stated she knew nothing about our having a service contract and that I would have to speak to "Mr. Arthur". Of our own accord we faxed a copy of the service contract to "Mr. Arthur". The next day when we called, "Jenny" stated we were supposed to send a copy of the warranty. Then when we mentioned this had been done, she "Jenny" stated, I put it on his desk this morning. They will call you back "tommorrow". Which did not happen.

After days of multiple unreturned calls I finally left a messange stating that I was going to report them/their license to the State of Florida for failure to perform due diligence according to the contract. Our 10 year labor contract with Arthur Air and 10 year parts contract with Trane has been confiremed by Trane. When we finally got a call back from "Mr. Arthur" all he could discuss was that we were talking down to his employee!

I discovered if one shop vacs a clogged condensation drain that this can sometimes solve an a/c sytem that is unresponsive. Which solved my problem. At that we promptly canceled our appointment with Arthur Air and demanded they reimburse the fee for the 10 year labor contract, which they have refused repeatedly to honor. Each time we called for annual service they repeatedly cancel the appointment stating, "other customer need us more". I cannot afford to keep missing work because of the callous and negligent behavior of Arthur Air. There fore I demand they reimburse us for a serice they refuse to provide or acknowlege.

Please Trane states they need multiple complaints filed to investigate approved Trane dealers who have neglected Trane consumers. Please let Trane know if you are have been mistreated by Arthur Air.. let's prevent this from happening to other!!!

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