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  • Apr 2, 2014 charges $60 per month to ""represent"" aspiring musicians. What seems like a straight-forward transaction is far from it. They take your money and do nothing, absolutely nothing.

First: You have to submit your material as though they won't accept everyone whose checks don't bounce - this produces the illusion of scarcity.

Second: If you actually have any tracks that aren't completely embarassing they offer you a spot on their homepage for the low, low price of $2.95 - this also enrolls you in the 5 day trial so you can see all the same exact paperwork you could on virtually any musicians union web-site or actual physical location. After this 5 day period your credit card is actually charged $60 per month so that they can keep ""representing"" you.

They have ""expert"" resources for you like health care & tax forms or instrument insurance information - which can be easily acquired and any musicians union.

YOU ARE ONLY FEATURED ON THEIR HOMEPAGE FOR APPROXIMATELY 1-2 HOURS - keep this in mind so you are paying $3.00 for a tiny square on a page that probably gets most of its hits from bots or people that work there constantly refreshing their pages...

Third (And my personal favorite): Once you do realize that they aren't doing anything for you and try to cancel you get multiple phone calls from (818) 253-4806 and they all of a sudden have interest in your music and want to have it reviewed in a magazine (which is fictional). Of course the sales representative on the phone says its a limited time offer and you have to re-subscribe as soon as possible. When you play hardball with them they are quick to drop the price from $60 a month to $40 per month to $20..

But the real icing on the scam-cake is that I live not far fom the address listed on their web-site and walked by it with my dog one morning - not what you'd expect because its a mail store.

Do not give them any money. Under any circumstances.

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